Bharti AXA Life urges users to #DaroNahiKaro

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Bharti AXA Life
Concern for our dear ones is overlapped by the emotion of fear, the fear of their well-being, safety and comfort. Attempting to address this absolutely pervasive human instinct, BFSI brand Bharti AXA Life through their digital campaign #DaroNahiKaro urges their viewers to channelize this emotion of fright into a positive act of getting insurance for their security.

Don’t fear, just secure says the brand

To literally translate their campaign’s title #DaroNahiKaro, the brand through their initiative attempts to take us through a journey by preaching us about turning our fears into financial protection through their life insurance.

To support their ideology, the brand portrayed this thought through audio-visual representation by churning out two films running on literally the same theme, simply highlighting different relationships.

The first video showcased how one phone call late in the night leads a man to panic for his partner, as the story-line goes, at 2 am in the morning when a man hears his phone ringing, all sorts of negative thoughts cross his mind for his wife who is far away alone in another country, unaware of the local language as he hunts for his phone restlessly and the background score contributes perfectly to the panic situation and sentiments of the husband.

The next film is designed in a similar situation where a father is waiting for his daughter at 2 am in the morning to come home. After everything from trying to reach her through texting, calling and even trying to contact her friends, his expression speaks volumes about his fear.

Though, towards the end both these stories surface how human behavior tends to always incline in the pessimistic direction, as the film ends on the note saying fear is a wakeup call to take a step ahead and do something positive that is get insured hence, #DaroNahiKaro.

Crux of the campaign

Talking about social media marketing, we’ve noticed how tugging on to the sentiments of the consumers and churning out content relatable for them holds a definite impact on their buying behavior. Taking the same route, Bharti AXA Life dramatizes our daily atrocities and fear thus attempting to create an urgency for the need of insurance.

Through this campaign the brand showcases the need of insurance but does not really create any brand recall but emphasizes majorly on the service. Insurance assures backup and over the years has been expanded its reach to various fields, yet the brand showcases the necessity of this service through the most simplified communication to make it relatable to their vast audience by addressing the issues faced by the majority

To further fruit this thought, the brand shared a series of GIFs on their social media handles and even conducted a contest calling out people to share how they conquered their worst fears to eventually create engagement thus spread the word further through their audience.

GIFs were definitely the dominant part of this campaign where through crisp communication and interesting wordplay the brand put across their opinion, which was pretty clear to convert fear into action.

Digital buzz

Branching a campaign thoroughly by keeping one thought at the root worked really well for the brand to put out their message. Sincerely underlining the need of insurance, the BFSI brand through their social media handle educates their audience about the significance of having insurance.

Gaining 734k views for their first video and 202k for the video of a father waiting for his daughter, the brand possessing 503,750 followers established itself by managing to reach a decent audience.The campaign also received generous Twitter participation where people participated in the contest.

Considering the rise of BFSI brands leveraging social media through campaigns, it was imperative for Bharti AXA Life to emerge from its shell and make a social media appearance and through this brief campaign the brand has managed to carve its way through social media to get some acknowledgement.

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