[Case Study] Berger’s #JaldiKaro popularizes their new Express Painting service

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[Case Study] Berger Paints #JaldiKaro


Berger Paints India


HGS Interactive, Mumbai


Repainting a home has traditionally involved a lot of inconvenience and Berger Paints – one of India's leading paint brands decided to eliminate this by introducing 'Express Painting', a paint job that uses professional methods, qualified painters, and automatic machines to make things easier.


#JaldiKaro was formulated to announce and promote Berger's new quick service paint job - Express Painting, using engaging and interactive social media activity and communication. It was also combined with the launch of the new TVC – T20 of Painting and both the properties were promoted online.


Berger Paints wished to extend their trusted assistance from providing quality material to providing service and decided to take the social route to achieve this.

The campaign was kick started on multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the help of a series of humorous videos on the 19th of September. It further announced the launch of 'Express Painting' with a microsite based contest to create buzz.

Directing participants to their microsite, #JaldiKaro involved solving a puzzle of rearranging the frames of the video for a chance to win prizes by sharing their score with their friends on social media.

It was aimed at driving engagement on their microsite by offering a fun activity for their followers to participate in, and also inducing a domino effect as participants could invite their friends. The objective here was for people to watch the new TVC multiple times in order to solve the puzzle and hence increase organic views on YouTube, as well as have the ‘Faster’ element incorporated everywhere.

Berger maintained the high engagement that they achieved with the help of well-crafted and quirky short videos and GIFs based on the #JaldiKaro moments that can be related to.

The campaign lasted from 19th September to 30th September, receiving an overwhelming response from their followers. At the end of the contest, the winners were announced on Berger's Facebook page.

Up to 20 winners had the opportunity to win shopping vouchers of INR 2500 each with 5 more lucky winners chosen randomly to win a prize.


On Facebook, the introductory video that announced 'Express Painting' with the new TVC and the contest received more than 39k views, 672 likes, 33 comments, and 169 shares. Followed up with a number of other quirky short videos, the DDLJ themed video was another popular one and received 17k views, 437 likes, and 216 shares.

#JaldiKaro helped Berger enhance their Facebook followers from 998k to more over a million followers from 19th to 30 September. A total of more than 32k new followers, which is an indication of the success of the contest and campaign execution.

The social media posts helped popularize #JaldiKaro on Twitter too, as the hashtag was trending in India and several Indian cities. Berger Paints twitter account also became a verified account during the same campaign period.

On Twitter, #JaldiKaro helped Berger amass more than 2k new followers over the duration of the campaign, numbering at 80034 when the contest concluded.

Also, on Instagram, #JaldiKaro netted Berger more than 662 new followers, taking the number of followers to more than 10k.

Statistics from the microsite revealed 933 unique participants in the contest, who generated an astonishing 15.5k total contest entry and 423 leads on the contact form.

#JaldiKaro was a runaway success as it gained phenomenal traction on social media generating more than 8.3 million impressions.

A cumulative number of 18 posts on Facebook generated 7.7k likes, 1556 shares, 999 comments and 41.8k views. On Twitter too, 18 posts garnered 781 retweets, 626 likes and 430 replies. Instagram activity clocked in 1313 likes and 19 comments generated from a total of 9 posts.

Additionally, the videos created for 'Express Painting' accumulated more than 1.2 million views on YouTube.

#JaldiKaro successfully put the word out about their innovative new service, 'Express Painting' while at the same time offering engaging and interactive social media content that got Berger Paints fruitful returns.


Even offline the brand made a big splash on transit media on the metros, domestic flights and volvo transport buses, etc.

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