[Case Study] Clarins India tries hands on Instagram Stories


Clarins India


Mindshift Interactive

Clarins, a French luxury cosmetic brand became one of the first brands to adopt Instagram Stories to create buzz about their brand among their target audience.


Clarins India became one of the earliest adopters on Instagram Stories to create buzz about their brand and products among millennials, which is the primary target audience of the brand.


Leveraging the popularity of Instagram’s recently unveiled feature, Instagram Stories among their target audience of millennials, Clarins India rolled out their Doodle contest.



The contest involved participants to doodle their answers and send them to Clarins, for a chance to win goodies from the brand.


Capitalizing on the popularity of contests, Clarins formed the questions to get their audience familiar with the brand by asking them questions about Clarins itself.



Instagram Stories has been a successful introduction from Instagram, with female users making up a majority of the user base. Clarins caters to female consumers from the younger demographic, and thus it was a smart move.

A day long contest, it received 9578 cumulative views for the 10 Instagram Stories the brand uploaded.

With the help of the Doodle Contest, Clarins India witnessed an 18% increase in the number of followers on Instagram.