[Case study] IndiaFirst Insurance uses social media to create awareness

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[Case study] IndiaFirst Insurance uses social media to create awareness


IndiaFirst Insurance


Team Pumpkin

With the major role of ‘Life Insurance’ being to provide certainty in the uncertain world we live in, the insurance industry in India majorly markets itself on the grounds of investment, protection, tax benefit or saving.


To create a better emotional appeal with the target group they decided to relate a common man’s enduring relationship with life. In this endeavor, they focused on the “Why” and “Because” factor to establish an emotional connect with the customers.


Through this campaign, IndiaFirst Life Insurance shows that life throws various challenges but in the face of struggles and hardships there needs to be hope and will to face life’s challenges. The overall initiative was centered around the tag line “Because”. The series communicated on the importance of balancing and controlling once life and therefore securing it financially.

The first step initiated was to make people understand that why does one require insurance. As insurance comes in various kinds such as retirement planning, health insurance, life insurance amongst many more with this they also wanted to communicate the importance of financial planning and help them in the decision making process that enables to make better informed financial choices. A layered form of communication was conceptualized and was executed in multiple phases.

In the first phase of the campaign, they stressed on the “Why” factor. Highlighting the need of insurance and different types of insurances and weaving the first phase with the second, they took the campaign to the “Because” level.

The extensions focusing on #BecauseILove and #BecauseSheMatters. The #BecauseILove phase of the campaign was around the Valentine’s Day period. An application was also launched through which people could send customized messages.


The campaign trended thrice on Twitter driving wider participation. It reached over 6 lakh people, with more than 40k engagement. Because of the campaign, over 20,000 people visited the brand’s website.

Along with that, brand awareness and community membership got an enormous lift and was leveraged for subsequent campaigns.

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