The celebrity pets of Instagram

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The celebrity pets of Instagram
We bring you 10 unconventionally famous Instagram celebrities who will make you want to bring home your very own furry friend and snap away!

Instagram is home to more than 500 million picture aficionados, of which some are travelers, some models, some photographers while some are just ordinary visual storytellers, just like you and I.

Although, there is also a distinct category of socially anthropomorphized furry little four legged celebrities who have their own Instagram accounts and a fan following numbering in the thousands. Pets can change our lives in ways we can never imagine or put into words.

If you are one of those people who can never get enough of petting random animals, and have also been bitten by the hashbug of social media, these pet celebrities will make you go want to find them and pet them like there is no tomorrow.

1. Goldilocks and the Wolf

Wild Together #GoldilocksAndTheWolf ?? ▪ PC: @itsbigben

A photo posted by Oυr Owи liττle fαirγταle (@goldilocksandthewolf) on

A former domestic abuse victim, Amanda adopted Kyro, a Husky as a puppy, who helped her overcome her problems by always being by her side. Today, they travel extensively, always together, and she tells their beautiful story in the form of pictures on Instagram.

2. Margaery and Tobias 

Margaery and Tobias are best friends from London who have more than 12k followers viewing their various shenanigans on Instagram.

3. Milla, Stella and Prince

. ? Happy International Rabbit Day ? . Hello, we are Milla Stella and Prince! ??? We live in Sweden with our family. We are house rabbits and living a cage free life. . We are spayed and prince soon neutered and we use litter box. Many people ask if we smell? No! we don't smell, we are very clean animals and our mom clean our litter box 3-4 times a week. . So where do we sleep? Well mom say we are crazy, she say we are allowed to sleep wherever we want but we like to sleep under the sofa ?. In the morning we like to wake our humans so they can give us breakfast ?. If you have snapchat you know our routine ?. . When our humans work and go to school our humans belive that we mostly sleep but I think some have seen our home alone videos?. When mom comes home we come and say hello, then more sleep. We are most active in the morning and the nights. We have many toys but only few who we really love. Yes! We chewing on stuff so our family make sure to have lots of Apple Sticks at home ? ( Stella have chewed many iPhone cable ?). . If you want to know anything about how it is to have a house rabbit just ask, our mom think it's not harder to have house rabbit then cats ( she had a cat for 13 years earlier).❤️ . ✨ Follow the link in our bio and you will Learn eight common myths about rabbits ✨ #internationalrabbitday

A photo posted by ❤️Milla, Stella & Prince ❤️ (@lifeofmill) on

From Sweden, these three bunnies live together, CAGE FREE. They sleep under the sofa and their humans are amazing at pampering the furry trio of cuteness.

4. Tin Tin the Squirrel

Tin Tin the Squirrel is a two and a half year old intelligent little troublemaker who was rescued by Decan Andersen, and fostered by his cat, Coco who took care of the little guy. He is kept on a leash when they go outside, but he goes crazy indoors.

4. The Kitty The Cat

A video posted by Kitty (@thekittythecat) on

Deemed a problem child, and been through 5 foster homes, Kitty was termed too mischievous, but was adopted by her forever mom. Kitty is completely insane, and can never sit still. Her eccentricities delight more than 52.8k followers on Instagram.

5. Watson and Kiko

Watson and Kiko are from Washington, USA. Watson does trust falls, and the two of them have a lot of friends.


We have big plans for today! Sleep all day.

A photo posted by Watson The Golden ( on

6. Fuzzberta and Friends

Fuzzberta, MGP and Jennifuzz are guinea pigs, who love to eat and pose with props.

7. Gary and the supporting cast


Dial back the creepy a notch, Margo. #teamgary

A photo posted by Gary and supporting cast (@omgdeedee) on

Gary has an official website and you can buy Gary merchandize on his website. This cat has a beard and might be the most chill cat ever known.

8. Max and Mini

Waiting for dinner. ?

A photo posted by catinberlin (@catinberlin) on

Max and Mini are owners of a bow-tie company, Cat in Berlin, with their parent. Max has lost one eye but that could not possibly stop him. They are also models for the bow-ties, and have 258k followers on Instagram.

9. Pippa and Clark

Pippa and Clark are the dynamic Golden duo! They have their very own YouTube channel, where The Adventures of Pippa and Clark are for the world to see.

10. Dave the Greatest Dane 

Home so soon?! I drink because you pretend to throw the ball Dad!

A photo posted by Dave (@bawstondawg) on

Dave is a gentle giant, who lives with his human dad, and he drinks because his human pretends to throw the ball.

The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation

An honorary mention for Eduardo Serio, a Mexican born businessman who runs The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, a Non Profit Organization, where Eduardo works with the Mexican Government to rescue big cats, and also dogs from the streets.

Lions, Panthers, Tigers, Jaguars, Leopards, Pumas all live together under the care of Eduardo Serio, and THEY ARE NOT PETS. They are taken care of at the sanctuary. Loved and taken care of, The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation's social media pages, including Instagram are very active. If you love big cats, this is one account you can not afford to not follow.

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