Deepika Padukone spreads a message with #DobaraPoocho

Deepika Padukone

#DobaraPoocho was coined to mark the launch of Deepika Padukone’s The Live Love Laugh foundation, established to fight depression.

“I’m fine,” the standard reply, that flawlessly shuns the overwhelming sentiments of rage, loneliness, melancholy, perplexity, defeat, mistrust, missing self-esteem, pessimism and so much more eschewed way beneath, tucked far away from humanity and concealed with multiple layers of smiles. It’s time we gaze closer, ask again and then again, empathize and clinch the hands of those in despair, fighting the monsters within. The Live Love Laugh Foundation & Deepika Padukone have taken a step ahead with #DobaraPoocho, you do too.

 The fight against depression

Laurell K. Hamilton managed to weave together words to express this feeling, “There are wounds that never show on the body that is deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.” Depression is an extremely common yet grave mood disorder which has the tendency to creep in at any time to anyone.

The Live Love Laugh Foundation founded by Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone, who herself has been a victim to this dark hole of depression has fiercely emerged out of it shares the story of the flourishing of this organization , “We know those going through depression, anxiety or stress want to have a deeper understanding of them. They want to feel reassured that there’s help. The Live Love Laugh Foundation is that common platform where everyone can get comprehensive knowledge, connect with professionals, and find comfort that they’re not alone. There is a genuine help.”

Opening their arms to provide warmth to these victims and actively engross people to acknowledge depression of their kith and kin, the organization directed their attention to social media with their first ever film.

Emotionally engaging and absolutely thought-provoking this video consciously urges people to initiate discussion on depression. Like the organization says, we all have a responsibility to be sensitive; engage with anyone who goes though a dark period of their life  by listening, reaching out, helping them and being there. This is an attempt to stay true to the cause in the purest possible way.

Outlining the film

Oozing of heart-wrenching emotions within just four minutes, the soul of the film is about depression and the synopsis surfaces how depression is spread across age boundaries filming four lives. The informative film discusses how depression can be secreted beneath emotions of anger, laughter or plain normalcy.

Uncomplicated and easy to consume content, this non-profit organization has embarked upon a journey with a clear intention of helping depression-struck people. Though this video is not directed towards only them, it’s for all of us, asking us to watch out for the ones we care, be vigilant around us.

The video is set up in relatable scenarios and showcases how we may perhaps get help from a friend, partner or parents.

Against depression through social media

Clearly, social media became the most preferred ground to reach their audience,  where they shared posts relating to depression and ways to get out of it. It simply became a blog which provides content revolving around the following topic

This initiative was encouraged by multiple public figures through the digital platform, who put across their thoughts revolving around this disorder and was shared by the page.




On YouTube, the video received 152,412 views while 424,349 views on Facebook  with people generously sharing and pouring their love for the campaign. Founder, Padukone even leveraged Facebook Live on October 10 to launch the country’s first public mental health awareness campaign.

Twitter too was pouring with empathy and encouragement towards this initiative and the positive reaction of netizens towards this video itself speaks volumes of its success.





Through this commendable initiative, the organization has identified and addressed the issue which usually is not spoken about out loud, taking a step of compassion towards humanity. Through this initiative by Deepika Padukone, let’s together understand the matters of mind and live, love, and laugh!