Facebook Messenger introduces a Lite version

The bare essentials are all that matter at times and Facebook understands that. The social media giant has introduced Messenger Lite, so that low internet connectivity or a seasoned smartphone with precious little space to spare do not hold users back from enjoying the Messenger experience.

It is a standalone and stripped down version of the core Messenger platform for Android smartphones, it could be released on other platforms upon receiving positive feedback.

Messenger from Facebook recently hit the billion user mark, but there are more potential users across the world that still do not have standard internet access. Messenger Lite is Facebook’s attempt at facilitating connectivity and removing the network and storage hurdle from people’s path.

At under 10mb file size, the product justifies the name and will help Facebook gather more and more users from South America, South East Asia, and Africa, all countries with limited internet connectivity.

With Messenger Lite, users can send and receive texts, media such as photos and links and stickers, which are the basic features of the Messenger platform.

Facebook currently leads the list of top 3 apps with the most number of users, with Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger all boasting of more than a billion users on board. With Messenger Lite, Facebook strengthens its already established position at the social media summit.

There is also a ‘Lite’ version of Messenger’s parent platform, available since 2015 which should tell you how paramount it is for the social media giant to amass new users whilst retaining the existing ones by introducing new features.

Messenger Lite, has a slightly similar yet very different logo from Messenger, with the colors inverted. The logo for Messenger Lite is a white chat bubble and a blue lightning bolt symbol. Clever, right?

The information about the logo is crucial because the app is being introduced in Kenya, Tunisia, Maaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela, and will soon be made available to more countries.

You can watch out for Messenger Lite in your app store, to stay connected to your friends even when your phone reception betrays you, which sadly, is a common issue with us in India.