Facebook at Work rolled out to organizations as Workplace

Facebook At Work has been officially made available to organizations all over the world, on all continents except Antarctica, also being renamed Facebook Workplace.

With more than 1000 organizations already on board, Facebook Workplace has come out of beta rather quickly and spectacularly considering there were only 100 organizations using the service a year ago.

As reported last month, Facebook had revealed a change in their monetization of the service, which they said would charge on per user basis as opposed to an overall flat rate for an entire organization.

Facebook Workplace is designed to maintain user familiarity with Facebook’s core interface and remodeling it to facilitate workplace communication by offering Events, Groups, News Feed, Facebook Live and other features. Workplace is mobile first, meaning not being physically present at the office does not hinder communication between colleagues.

workplace 03-profile

More than 100,000 Groups have already been created on Facebook Workplace according to statistics offered by them. Interestingly, India tops the list of countries that have adopted Workplace, followed by the United States, Norway, United Kingdom and France rounding off the top five.

“It’s a whole new paradigm in employee engagement! L&T @Work is leading our thrust to digital. Technology is nothing without people and this platform reflects the perfect synergy of people driving technology. It has broken barriers, bridged distances, increased sharing and collaboration and suddenly humanized the entire organization. Improved productivity is a welcome byproduct and I’m certain that things will only get better as we move forward…together! – S N Subrahmanyam, Deputy Managing Director & President, Larsen & Tourbo

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Initially, Facebook had a single team based in London working on Workplace, which they now have scaled up to an internationally dedicated team working across three continents namely, North America, Europe and Asia.

Owing to the positive response garnered by Workplace, Facebook is now offering a competitive pricing model, added features such as Multi Company Groups and a Workplace Partner Program.

Competitive pricing means the more monthly active users an organization has, the lesser they pay. With rates beginning at $3 per monthly active user for the first 1000 users, $2 for 1001-10,000 monthly active users and for the really big corporations, $1 for more than 10,000 monthly active users.

For a company with a workforce of more than 10,000 employees, it is highly unlikely that more than a handful of corporations may avail this particular discount.

Product Enhancement involves audio and video calling, Trending posts, Search Filters, Auto Translate among other features.

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Moving on to Multi Company Groups, it allows employees from different organizations to work together on Workplace without compromising your company’s details that you share outside the groups.

The Workplace Partner Program will have Facebook working with companies such as Deloitte or Microsoft to help users get the most out of Workplace.