Messenger tests Conversation Topics to help you break the ice

Facebook Messenger

Conversation starters might be awkward and difficult to blurt out, but thanks to Facebook Messenger’s new feature, online conversations won’t be that difficult to initiate now on.

On an update spree, Messenger is reportedly testing a new feature that will encourage users to take action and talk to their friends more than they already do. Along with the earlier reported Data Saving option, this new conversation initiator feature is also being tested with a select number of users.

Spotted by Chris Messina on the iOS Messenger app, it tells you what your Facebook friends have been up to recently, so that you the two of you can discuss it further. Conversation Topics as it says on the screenshot posted by Messina, will have a dedicated section in the app.

Suppose one of your Facebook friends went out for a movie this weekend, or checked-in at a restaurant or is planning to attend an event. ‘Conversation Topics’ will display their recent activity below their name on the Messenger app, so you can ask them, “Oh how was the movie?” or “Hey I’ve heard that restaurant has an amazing selection of cocktails, maybe we should go there sometime!”

Delightful isn’t it? Not only will it take out the drab old, ‘What’s up?’ from conversations, but you can also stay updated about your friends recent activity this way. It can get difficult to stay in touch all the time, and even with people posting their activities on Facebook, we miss most of it with the amount of posts that flood our News Feeds.

With more than a billion users on Messenger, Facebook is trying to boost activity on its instant messaging platform, not just personal activity though. Bots on Messenger were huge news a few weeks ago, and an even bigger success. Businesses were cheering for the Bot service, which may end up making customer service much more comprehensive and effortless.

Lets be honest, all of us appreciate getting an instant response from a Bot than having to explain our issue or query to a person on the other side of the line, who puts you on hold indefinitely, and often.

That being said, Facebook is putting an ever increasing emphasis on new ways to popularize and familiarize Messenger among their vast user base, that consists not only of people but also businesses. We’re looking at a colossal number of potential users if the social media giant keeps up with its success.

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