Hilarious Pen Pineapple Pen (PPAP) videos to catch up with!

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen fever gripped the entire social media spectrum and as of now has more than 84 million views on YouTube.

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Hilarious Pen Pineapple Pen (PPAP) videos to catch up with!
If you are a social media buff, you must be familiar with the ‘Pen Pineapple Apple Pen’ fever that gripped the entire social media spectrum. The unusual video racked up more than 84 million views on YouTube.

The concept of virality on social media is yet to be understood as the most craziest, goofiest, weirdest and the most outrageous things have achieved the ever elusive tag of VIRAL!

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen was the creation of Japanese comedian and DJ, Daimaou Kosaka who goes by his stage name, Piko Taro, and it sparked off a hilarious series of memes, fan made videos, reactions, dedicated pages and everything that social media could come up with!

While the only viral most of us have ever achieved is a fever, this hilariously annoying and catchy video captured the attention of social media users from Asia to America, being termed the next Gangnam Style no less.

We took the liberty of compiling a list of the all the PPAP inspired content that surfaced on the internet.


Vlogger Adam McArthur created an insane mashup of himself, Piko Taro and Drake in sync, shaking a leg to PPAP

PPAP inspired cookies 

Food blog, Tastemade whipped up cookies inspired by Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

Justin Bieber

Singer Justin Bieber couldn't resist either...

Jackie Chan

He is so confused!

VJ Jose

Jose Officially Not Fake Really danced like nobody was watching.

vj jose ppap


Pen Pineapple Apple Pen


ppap steve jobs


Little kids watch the video and are instantly affected just like us!

YouTube vlogger Sethcplayzz films his reaction to Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen merchandize

Tshirts! Posters! Mobile Cases! No Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Pens?


More Reactions

Many of us felt the same way




The Internet ladies and gentlemen

ppap note 7


We're sure you must have come across many more hilarious PPAP memes and videos. Share them with us at

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