Social Samosa Agency Feature – Poised Media

Who are we?

We are Poised Media, a digital marketing agency based out of Mumbai. We are a bunch of passionate people, constantly striving to do remarkable stuff for our clients. Composed of brand specialists, creative storytellers, tech-artist and innovators, our team puts together skills and efforts to deliver results and create value.

What’s in the name?

The name represents everything that our organization is. It is a reflection of our founder’s nature. He started up Poised to bridge up some widely experienced but not addressed loopholes. Right from the beginning, we knew what problems we wanted to solve and what category of clients we wanted to target at different stages.

Poised means being self-composed, confident, knowing what to do and determined to accomplish it. We are Poised! Poised to innovate, to solve problems, to do revolutionary stuff and to deliver results.

What we do?

As a full-service digital agency, we do everything in the spectrum of digital marketing right from crafting out integrated campaigns to end-to-end execution, be it effective designs, web development, content creation, branding, social media, digital PR, influencer marketing and ROI driven performance campaigns. With a team of 20 people rocking our offices in Mumbai and Gandhinagar (Gujarat), we are soon to have a set-up in Dubai.
We specialize in technology driven digital marketing innovations on social media platforms that empower brands to take conversations and engagement to a different level. We are known for our WhatsApp based interactive innovations that allow brands to converse with the audience in highly personalized manner. Our platform doesn’t only allow interactions but also facilitates CMS, database management and lead funnel. We have done some path breaking technology-driven campaigns for some of the leading brands and mainstream media agencies in India, UAE and USA.

Why we do it?

Digital is very exciting, we love every bit of it and this is the only thing we can give our best at!

How do we evolve?

The digital space changes with a blink of an eye. Innovations that sound fantastic today might be completely irrelevant within a month’s time. To keep up with the constantly changing landscape, we plan in advance. We try to identify the opportunities in future and build up the solutions in advance.

Social responsibility in social media

Social media is no more just a platform or a medium. It has become a virtual world that has a great influence on how people form their opinions. Being in the communication business, our work sends out a message to the audience. We feel a great sense of responsibility to keep the messaging positive and progressive as far as possible.

Need of the hour

One word – Innovation

We learned the hard way

Setting the expectations right – As the saying goes, you give someone a finger and they’ll demand the hand. Digital being an advanced platform from targeting and measurability standpoint, clients sometimes have skyrocketing expectations. It is essential to set the right expectations from the beginning.

Did we just share that?

We were managing a wild card entry campaign for a modelling reality show and that’s when we realized “Women will be women”!

It was India’s first WhatsApp based wild-card entry campaign where models were supposed to send their selfies on WhatsApp and brand would see the images live on a big dashboard. We had a team of boys managing the campaign and we realized that turn-around time in publishing images on the dashboard was more than expected.

We thought that given the “Men will be men” rule, boys were taking more time analyzing the entries. So we replaced the team with a team of zero girls. We expected it to improve but then realized that girls were spending more time on each image than boys did.

They work with us

Oreo, Nestle USA, Madison Media, Marico, Saffola, Parachute, Livon, Zee Cinema, Intelenet Global Services, Robomate+, MT Educare Ltd, Dubai City Center, Danube UAE, Airo UAE, 1Axcess UAE and quite a few funded startups.

Industry as we foresee

Social media is progressively becoming a larger part of people’s lives day by day. With 24% of the population in India using social media, we are already one of the most happening places in social media marketing. Imagine the scale of spends, innovations and activities brands will push when more than half of the country will be on social media!

A day without Internet

Is the day when you realize there are humans who live around you.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are hiring for a couple of positions, especially for our UAE based clients.