Twitter takes a Moment to Explore

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Twitter is making yet another attempt at salvaging itself from the abyss it is staring into, as the company is testing Explore in lieu of Moments, the news and trend highlight feature which was rolled out a year ago.

Explore, which is currently being opened up to Twitter’s iOS and Android users, replaces Moments in the bottom center of the mobile app. It will offer an amalgamation of Moments and Discover.

Twitter replaced the Discover tab, which displayed account suggestions and popular tweets, which was then replaced by Moments around a year ago. Moments highlighted trending topics, issues and activities from across the world in a slideshow format, which was denoted by a lightning bolt symbol in the center of the app.

Twitter Explore

Image Source: Mashable

Twitter had just begun to roll out Moments for its regular users, which they now appear to be abandoning for Explore. It will offer both popular and trending events and news from across the world. Also, the Explore tab will be denoted by a magnifying glass symbol.

The microblogging platform has been (it wouldn’t be a stretch to say) desperate to gain new users, for which Twitter is trying to make content easily discoverable for their newer users. Although, they might end up confusing their existing users with back to back changes, not giving them the opportunity to familiarize themselves to newer offerings.

There could be further inclusions into the Explore tab, such as Live Videos from Periscope among other things.

It is not yet clear if Twitter is completely dropping Moments from their future plans, as Explore is being put to test with iOS and Android users in United States of America and India among other countries.