Twitter conducts poll to choose special Diwali emoji

After Twitter did a first with the specially curated Bigg Boss emoji, the company has gone a step further, not only introducing a new emoji but crowdsourcing it.

Twitter prides itself on being the townhall of the internet, and are selecting the #HappyDiwali emoji based on a public poll and you can participate by tweeting to @TwitterIndia.

Starting on 25th October, the poll will stay live for 48 hours and you can choose the color of the #HappyDiwali emoji. Orange, Blue, Green and Pink are the colors on offer. The color that receives the most votes will be declared as the Diwali 2016 emoji on Twitter and will be available for use from 28th October, for the ensuing Diwali celebrations on social media.

“Twitter is the live connection to culture for Indians across the globe to express their joys, converse about their festive experiences and bask in the beauty of Diwali real time. In a unique first, we are crowdsourcing an emoji for #HappyDiwali in order to bring people closer, create shared experiences and celebrate together the triumph of good over evil. The lamp in the emoji symbolises optimism, prosperity and courage. It also stands for the elimination of ignorance through the quest for knowledge”, said Keya Madhvani, Head of Lifestyle and Culture Partnerships, Twitter India.

Once the emoji is made available, typing #HappyDiwali with your tweet will include the Diwali 2016 emoji of a ‘diya’ which will appear next to the hashtag. You can find the poll by logging into Twitter, and visiting Twitter India’s account, wherein the pinned tweet is the poll.

Attempting to usher in the festivities onto their platform, this is Twitter’s second endeavour to entice Indian users by tailoring special emojis around popular interests of the Indian user.

Lets just hope this festival season turns out be a happy one for Twitter, at least in India.