Now watch Facebook videos on Television

Facebook is coming for the Television in your living room. You can now stream Facebook videos from your computer or smartphone to your TV

Mohammad Kanchwala
Oct 17, 2016 10:41 IST
Facebook videos
After every gadget and device that has internet connectivity and a screen, Facebook is coming for the Television in your living room. You can now stream videos from your computer or smartphone to your TV.

Facebook has made no secret of the fact that video is the next big thing on their platform, as they continued to pepper our News Feeds with more and more videos. They did manage to get us all hooked, and now we can just sit back on the couch and watch these videos with our friends and family, ON THE BIG SCREEN.

The social media giant had been testing the streaming feature for Android since May this year, and for iOS in August, as it was lagging behind competitors, Twitter’s Periscope and YouTube. Not only is it possible to stream videos to your Television on YouTube, you can also create a playlist of videos you wish to watch, which is an update Facebook might offer in the near future.

You will need a streaming device though, the Apple TV or Google’s Chromecast, with which you can stream videos by tapping the TV icon on the top right of a video. Select the device you want to stream the video to and enjoy videos on the big screen.

This functionality is available only for iOS devices at the moment, but Facebook will soon be granting the feature to Android devices. Streaming can also be done through other AirPlay or Google’s Cast enabled devices.

Once you decide to stream a particular video to your TV set, you can continue to browse your News Feed for posts or the next video you want to watch or you can do so from the Saved tab. You can also watch real time reactions and comments on the screen and can join the conversation yourself.

Leaving Facebook ecosystem is getting tougher by the day as the social media patriarch is leaving no stone un-turned when it comes to providing the seamless Facebook experience across devices and platforms.

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