[Campaign FaceOff] Reliance Fresh v/s Big Bazaar

Diwali campaigns

Twinkling of fairy lights layered across the streets and homes, dapper embellished outfits readied, noisy crackers sparkling the atmosphere and perky phase of sugar rush, literally, Diwali is a generous merriment for celebrators around the globe. To reflect the contagious emotions of elation, two leading hypermarket city chains Reliance Fresh and Big Bazaar shared their topical digital endeavors.

Outline of the campaigns

Dissecting the film #BadiDiwali shared by Reliance Fresh, the film is based on a common relationship between a woman and her house help in an upper-middle class family. The story begins when the house help is seen walking in with two big bags printed of the brand’s name and the film paces forward as the woman shuns down her domestic help every time she offers to work for the fancy dinner at home.

Diwali vibes are quite evidently presented as the woman is dedicated to get the preparations spot on, right from hanging the lights to adding extra ghee to the desert and keeps nagging her domestic help to be on time, set the special dinner plates

Towards the end of the film, as the door bell rings and by now the domestic help is unable to guess the guests coming home for dinner, she is pleasantly surprised to see her own parents on the other side.

Next, the film released by Big Bazaar too begins with an employee of the chain visiting a blind school post his shift to rejoice with the kids there. Cycling beneath the cover of lights, besides the glittery crackers and vibrancy around protagonist reaches his desination.

Huddling around, through his narration he takes the kids through the Diwali atmosphere around, thus fruiting their imagination. The film not only shares the joys with the sightless children, but to make them feel a part of the celebration re-introduces the good old Paper Patakha.


Comparative analysis

Both hyper-city chains, both released a topical festive campaign and both attempted to invoke the act of sharing kindness to someone we usually forget.   Let’s be straightforward, festive time more than gaiety is a business rat-race for brands, to put out their individual personalities and hop on the trending bandwagon.

Scruitizing both these brands, Reliance Fresh and Big Bazaar both these brands carried a heart-wrenching message  through their film with the first one attempted to build suspense while the latter was build on a particular idea. #BadiDiwali was an engaging film where the script was unpredictable as compared to #SabkiWaliDiwali. Both these films emphasized on emotions and managed to bring out the Diwali cheer lucidly by setting up the art design of the films.

Both these brands through the films also managed to build a brand connect by showing off their brand’s name quite clearly in the beginning of the film itself and coincidentally or not both these films did not directly relate to their brands. #SabkiWaliDiwali along with the message took upon them to encourage the known Paper Pataka indirectly discouraging the use of traditional fire crackers, while #BadiDiwali encouraged the act of benevolence at home itself.

Social score

Social media was brightly lit up with Diwali around the corner with #BadiDiwali earning 2.9M views with 7.3k reactions while #SabkiDiwali getting 1.8M views with 39k reactions on Facebook.

Big Bazaar extending their campaign asked their audience to bring a smile on faces at SOS Childern’s Village in Bangalore by paying them a visit. Whereas, Reliance Fresh, too building their campaign further wanted the better offs to contribute to the less fortunate with their Dial-A-Ladoo asking people to give a miss call on their number where they would send a ladoo per missed call, simultaneously created a blend by posting GIFs which directly promoted their brand, as they announced Diwali offers.

Overall, the majority of campaigns were based on a broad story-line of people celebrating their Diwali joys with the under fortunate which felt extremely repetitive and seemed like the trend of the season.

Both the campaigns did not stand out as such on the digital sphere and there was an evident absence of an innovative element; both these campaigns did fairly well on social media due to their fine execution and apparent communication.

Amidst the Diwali clutter, both the campaign made a good effort in creating an engrossing experience.


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