Facebook, Instagram and Messenger for business integrated in one place


If you’re a social media manager and find it difficult to manage CRM across platforms, Facebook just heard and answered all your prayers as the company amalgamated conversational possibilities for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, all in one place.

One of the smartest decisions on Facebook’s part had always been to never over integrate the two groundbreaking apps into each other, which a regular user found highly convenient, but sadly businesses could not say the same.

For businesses with a keen focus on their social media marketing activities, managing their accounts on Facebook and Instagram turned out to be a messy affair as it required logging in and keeping a tab on two to three different apps.

Now with Facebook’s Pages Manager, the job is really much easier meaning users won’t have to shuffle between apps, as comments and messages across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger will all be displayed in one place, in the Pages Manager app.


Source: TechCruch

You can also choose to view them separately under platform specific tabs for all three apps, and can easily respond to messages on Instagram and Messenger, comments on Instagram and Facebook posts, all from one place.

It is expected to be rolled out widely to users in the next few weeks as Facebook is currently testing the app with a handful users. It has been one of the most requested upgrades as stated by Facebook’s Global Head of Pages. Speaking to TechCrunch, he also added, “There were some people even carrying multiple phones so that they can quickly respond to all the different things coming in”.

According to Facebook, Pages on their core platform alone witness more than 5 billion comments, messages, and page visits each month; hence the new update is aimed at making the interaction much more fluid and effortless, boosting the communication between businesses and users.

This attention to detail, and paying heed to user feedback is an admirable move on Facebook’s part, which justifies their sustained and unprecedented success in the social media battlefield.