Finolex Pipes enters the cause marketing league with #IfWaterLookedLike


For all the times we turned a blind eye, Finolex Pipes through their digital media campaign #IfWaterLookedLike has taken up the responsibility to raise awareness towards the most crucial subject- water conversation.

Witnessing the world as it passes by; awareness has never rhymed with education.  The stream that divides desires from necessities is only evaporating. Urbanization has taken us way up high for us to lose the prospect of nature preservation.

Shaping the significance of water

Emphasizing on the essential element through the campaign, Finolex Pipes took a social media stand, representing their brand as the torchbearers of this issue.

Sharing the broad idea behind the concept Sirin Sam, Marketing Head, Finolex Industries shared, “With an attempt to increase awareness on this front, Finolex Pipes has launched a campaign showing the value of water over other pre-conceived “must-haves.” The campaign uses a savvy approach meant to help you question what is truly precious, through the campaign tagline of – Would water be more precious if it came in this shape?”

To implement this idea, water, from its fluid form was molded into figures that gauge all our attention- expensive iPhones, new homes, diamonds or even our body, baby or livelihood for that matter. Through this campaign the brand strived to shed some light on the issue, by layering the things that magnet most of our attention with water.

Through #IfWaterLookedLike, the brand managed to position itself as a responsible and conscious brand, thus building an identity for itself.

Further talking about how the brand will benefit the campaign, Sam responded, “When you think of a brand that manufactures pipes and fittings, you don’t assume that the content on their social media pages would be innovative or quirky. It helps the brand appeal to a larger audience – people that may not otherwise follow such a brand, but are willing to follow brands coming up with interesting, thought-provoking concepts.”

“Furthermore, it helps build Finolex’s brand persona as a corporate organization that is seriously dedicated to their CSR activities. It gives the company a more relatable, human feel.”

These designs were adapted in 8 languages- English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada and Malayalam. Sam explained that  it was an awareness building campaign and was intended for people nationwide and the general concept also applied globally.

Social buzz for awareness

Not downright preachy, yet striking a chord with the viewers, Finolex Pipes churned out the water conservation campaign through creative illustrations which more or less relatable to most.

Building a campaign #IfWaterLookedLike, solely on the basis of illustrations, cause marketing was the route the brand decided to take by choosing the issue of the most relevance to them.  A brand’s inclination towards cause marketing has more than often worked in favor of them, especially when conducted on a larger scale.

Indian brands like Lifebuoy with their ‘Help a child reach 5’, ‘India ke Hunger ki Bajao’ by Ching’s Secret or #FloatABoat by Paperboat, the plenty have managed to create a niche for themselves through these initiatives; while probably Finolex Pipes hasn’t reached that level yet, it has joined the league of the giant brands who managed to grab social media limelight and get their message across their audience.

Currently, the brand has counted a total reach of 2614312, 3243498 total impressions, was shared 585 ties and garnered 489229 likes to their campaign.

Blending in lucidly their brand ideology with cause marketing and indicative hashtag #IfWaterLookedLike, is a campaign that brings into light the most primary aspect of our living while putting the brand perspective in place.


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