Gozoop wins the digital duties for Cordlife India


Gozoopbagged the full range of media duties, including digital and social, for Cordlife India, one of the largest stem-cell banking companies in Asia.

Commenting on the win, Ahmed Naqvi, CEO & Co-founder Gozoop, said, “Building on our global healthcare experience, we’re delighted to have been selected by Cordlife. We look forward to working with them on the evolution of their brand communications, and the growth of their business.”

Upamannyue Roy Choudhury, CEO Cordlife India said, “Today digital technology has the potential to touch every facet of business and personal life, empowering them to make better choices and allowing people to spend more time on things that are more valued. We were looking for an agency that understands our sector and how effectively they can bring a digital transformation, Gozoop was a clear winner. Their team, values, innovative and strategic thinking, technology and most importantly their dedication for the job makes Gozoop the suitable partner for us, and we look forward for a long and rewarding partnership.”

Adding to this, Meenakshi Sircar, Manager, Digital Marketing commented, “At Cordlife, it has always been our focus to connect and engage with our community and audience in a strong but customized way. We wanted to increase our current capabilities in digital media by creating communication buckets that have a lasting appeal. We are confident that Gozoop will add immense value in achieving our marketing goals and make the brand ready for a new era of competition.”

Omkar Joshi, Group Director Brand Communications; Gozoop stated, “The Cordlife win is one of our most prized wins as we cement our position as marketing partners-of-choice on a very strategic level. Deep sector understanding coupled with top notch creative communication is what drives us to be so effective. We look forward to consistent breakthrough work for Cordlife India supported by extensive media capabilities. The future for both is bright. Expect us.”