[Infographic] Donald Trump’s 6-Step Growth Hacking Process

Rishabh Dev
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Donald Trump Infographic
The infographic gives a breakdown of Donald Trump's marketing strategy, giving modern age marketers a lot to learn.

It finally happened. No one called it; but it did. Donald Trump is now the Most Powerful Man on Earth. Somehow he successfully sold his brand to the American people and the rest of the world is gradually crawling through the five stages of grief.

But again, in hindsight we can only look and admire at the exact reasons which enabled Donald Trump to pull off the biggest heist of the century with some questionable, but a wildly effective set of communication across digital channels!

Some say he broke all the traditional laws of marketing, while some say, he redefined the rules of balancing Social Media Marketing with Ethics. Without having to take a stand on either side of the fence, let's have a look at this a little objectively and without reserving judgments.

Can SMEs and Start-ups afford to take the risk and emulate the Trump Model to turbocharge their Social Media Presence?

Are we making the cardinal mistake of planning our communication strategies, incorrectly influenced by groupthink and synergy? To some extent maybe. Quite a few start-ups do make the mistake of living inside their comfy bubble and not doing enough to break the communication clutter in Facebook and Twitter; to stand out in the crowd.

Probably, this is where Donald Trump was different. At the risk of oversimplifying a complex, nuanced and extensive strategy, let's have a look at a six-point plan which can be used by start-ups and smaller brands to emulate the Trump Model of Success on Social Media.


Disclaimer: The author does not endorse any of the racist, misogynist and politically incorrect comments of Donald Trump. This infographic is just meant to be a light-hearted critique of the Communication Strategy that led to his victory.

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