Glorifying the pleasure of making memories JetPrivilege says #DontStopCollecting


“Your life is a book filled with stories and the things you collect are its bookmarks.” Glorifying memories that we collect, JetPrivilege creates an aesthetically dominant film titled #DontStopCollecting and positioning itself as a debonair travel brand on the digital platform.

Filling our lives with collectables

Through a film, Jet Privilege lucidly unveils the wonders of wandering by sticking within a room. As constrained as it sounds, the brand managed to fill the screen with absolute allure of art design, as they fluently showcased the evolution of the romance with our collectives with time.

Setting up the film #DontStopCollecting in three phases of age, the script shows us the larger picture and generalizes how we encapsulate our travel reminiscences in boxes, jars and walls. Without a jerk, showcasing the progression from a child to teenage to adulthood the essence of the film broadly remains about collectibles and its transformation is captured.

Placing the stunning visuals in synch with the melody and graceful dialogues in the backdrop, the film emphasizes on the element of creativity and color of travel.

Discovering a niche for travel content marketing, Jet Privilege funneled down a theme which is not just momentous in the aspect of travel but largely relatable. The brand indirectly poses the visuals on our screens that subconsciously strike this urge to travel within us- thus accomplishing their motive.

Not putting words straightforwardly into their actual meaning, yet managing to compose a script that insists us to travel the world and seize our memories, the brand manages to hit the mark as a travel brand.

The Social Flight

The distinct feature of this campaign was to abide itself within a room yet take us around the world and that is unusual for a travel brand that end up giving us glimpses from the touristy world place, whereas here the brand gives us wings to find our own collectibles.

Meanwhile, on the digital portal the brand took an extended tour to reach their audience and create a social media presence.

On YouTube for over four days the film was listed in the top most popular video list. #DontStopCollecting started trending on November 11 and after its debuting on the 19th position it elevated to 8th position. It also garnered over one million views in less than 5 days with an engagement of over 600 thumbs up and 127 comments.

On their Youtube channel, besides trending nationally on the sixth spot on November 12, the brand through the film itself managed to garner fresh 250 subscriptions.

Through a creatively combined piece of audio-visual, Jet Airways managed to position itself on the digital pedestal as an elite travel brand and gauged enough attention with #DontStopCollecting.


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