Joe Biden - The Man. The Meme. The Legend of social media!

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Joe Biden - The Man. The Meme. The Legend of social media!
Social Samosa brings you a list of the funniest Joe Biden memes that will take your mind off the fact that Donald Trump is about to take charge as the most powerful man on the planet next year.

Barack Obama may go down in history as one of the coolest President ever but it’s Joe Biden, who has inspired the internet to create a series of hilarious memes that we can’t stop laughing over.

Its over! It’s finally over! The United States Presidential Elections are over and Donald Trump is the Presidential Elect. But as grim as it may make us feel, the internet offered us a ray of sunshine. And that ray of sunshine is the incumbent Vice President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, or President Obama’s BFF as we will fondly remember him.

Here’s to Joe Biden, the man, the meme, the legend!

1. Do it Joe! Just do it. 


2. Mike Puns everybody. 



3. Legit question Joe! We have always wanted to know that.



4. Mr. Trump is going to freak out over this.


5. Dammit Joe! 


6. Yes Mike. Live up to the legacy of Joe. Be the meme they want you to be. 


7. The President of Turkey Sandwiches?


8. Surprise!


9. That's just diabolical Joe. 



10. Well.. He's got a point there Barack. 


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