Now find out the package you deserve with LinkedIn Salary


If you have ever tried to make a case regarding your salary but had no information or argument to back it up with, well LinkedIn is about to change that with their newest introduction.

Titled LinkedIn Salary, it tells you whether you are being underpaid, overpaid or paid just about right by factoring in your designation, the region you work in, your educational background and years of experience.


Similar to Glassdoor’s latest feature, which debuted last month and calculates your deserved salary based on the same factors as LinkedIn Salary. It is called β€˜Know Your Worth’ and is currently in the beta phase.

Circling back to LinkedIn Salary; it calculates the median salary, stock options and bonuses that a specific job brings with it.

β€œOne of the things in our research that has become quite obvious is that salary is a big part of how people make career decisions,” LinkedIn director of product management Dan Shapero told Fortune.

It might go a long way in devising a path for professionals on how to maximize their income by factoring in valuable information such as people with the same job title make much more because they undertook a specialized course or possess a degree, or how much experience to amass before negotiating a raise.

Regular LinkedIn users will be required to submit their details to gain access to the data whereas LinkedIn Premium users can access it without divulging their own income details.

Currently available for LinkedIn users in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada it is expected to be rolled out to other countries soon.