Malabar Gold and Diamonds’ #KareenaSurprised takes social media by storm

#KareenaSurprisedMalabar Gold and Diamonds


Malabar Gold and Diamonds

The brand has flourished itself to engage people with their glittery range of jewelry that attempts to captivate you in the special life moments.  Luring the market with their golden embellished ornaments, the brand has built a shimmery social media presence, giving us a glimpse of their exclusive designs.


Hoping to build an engagement with their audience through the campaign #KareenaSurprised and position their brand as an ideal expression of love.


Knitting a campaign revolving around a telephonic conversation between Bollywood diva and mommy-to-be Kareena Kapoor with her husband, Malabar Gold & Diamonds takes us through an endearing journey that leaves #KareenaSurprised.

Often jewelers keep women as brides at the crux for their positioning, however here the brand takes on an unconventional ride by inclining their attention to a vital segment of buyers- men looking to gift their partners thus placing itself as a man’s choice of brand for their better half.

Affirming their tagline, ‘celebrate the beauty of life!’ the brand voiced their opinion saying, ‘every women in this world loves two things- surprise and diamonds!’ Imbibing this thought in their campaign #KareenaSurprised, breaking from the monotony of marriage the film weaves a tale around how the husband makes an effort of surprise his spouse to keep up the spark in the romance. Here, Saif Ali Khan shows a way to keep your wife happy!

In a film of 70 seconds, the video encapsulates the love between a couple where Kareena’s partner hides an elegant jewelry set for her under the pillow to surprise her thus resonating lucidly with the film’s hashtag #KareenaSurprised.

Through this sweet-little gesture, the brand managed to place itself as a cherished jewelry brand and the content strategy of the film was also relatable to the masses, by somewhere making jewelry as the most adorned gift for any lady.

While the film has Kareena Kapoor looking bemused, amazed and stunned when she sees the sparkling diamonds gift from her husband, the actual fact remains that, besides Malabar’s glittering collection, it is Kareena Kapoor herself who has the viewers looking bedazzled, speechless and stunned to the core.


The brand launched the film by revolving the storyline around Kareena Kapoor and even conducted a month of blogging and buzz on Twitter to gain exposure. The hashtag #KareenaSurprised was based on the crux on the content.

The campaign has garnered more than 3 million views on YouTube and social media in a week and even became the nationwide trending. It has managed to churn conversations with enough positive sentiments on social media for the campaign. More than 10,000 tweets floated in the virtual platform with the following hashtags – #KareenasAnniversarySurprise, #WhoSurprisedKareena, #KareenaSurprised”

The blogs published received over 2.5 million reach and more than 8 million impressions.

The brand through this campaign created a niche target audience for them- those whose taste demands elegance and refinement.