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Social Samosa Tool Feature - THTRI

About the tool!

We are pretty much into the later half of 2016 but Influencer Marketing is still a pretty nascent concept for many of the brands in India.

This is primarily attributable to the tedious process and high costs associated with a campaign that is planned to be rolled out in association with a host of influencers. The conventional way of executing such a campaign is to primarily get in touch with an influential person in social media, check their availability on the campaign day and eventually come up with a mutual agreement to freeze the deal. And the loop runs in a continuous mode; if you are planning to run a campaign with 100 influential entities, you need to reiterate the same process least a 100 times.

This effectively establishes that the recipe of running a successful campaign doesn't solely rely on the concept but also in effectively managing and monitoring the influencers.

Historically, it has been observed that striking a balance between the two, is pivotal to the success of a campaign.

That's how we step into the picture. Our patient frame-work THTRI is a One-stop platform for all your influencer marketing needs.

Do you want your social media campaign to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to grab brand recognition that most of the companies dream about? Do you want to register augmented impressions on the digital space? THTRI can help you identify your goals, and then guide you in your quest to surpass them.

Passivity is unacceptable in the world of influencer marketing. If a social media campaign doesn’t inspire people to sit up, take notice and "react", lets face it, it is a failure. That’s why THTRI uses insights, storytelling and technology to actively create deep and inspiring connections between people, products and companies.

Who founded the product/company?

The man behind this creative and premium influencer marketing platform is Manobala Vijayabalan, Founder & editor-in-chief, THTRI.

Manobala has a history of getting engaged in various CSR activities of a number of organizations; in one such activity a reputed brand approached him and requested for his help in running their upcoming campaign with influencers.

Leveraging his significant social media reach, he managed to get in touch with relevant entities, moderated the entire process and successfully executed the campaign. However, it took him around a month of active effort to run/execute the campaign from the day of filing the proposal- thus came up the idea of creating a platform that will connect influencers and brands in a single place, almost like a bridge connecting the two entities together.

This led to the inception of THTRI

Influencer marketing is now a key part of the digital marketing world and since social network usage is on an all-time high, the importance of social media influencers is projected to grow exponentially. With THTRI, a brand can get hold of any number of influencers based on their demand, in order to make their business grow.

Features of the tool?

THTRI understands that besides great work, a great campaign experience is key. We are passionate about the plan that we execute, measure & deliver by knowing your requirements. Our clients are more than just a number, they’re our partners – we succeed when our clients succeed.

We provide a designated platform for both influencers and brands. Executing campaigns have never been this easy.

We have 1000 plus highly influential content creators spread across India in our database. We provide an advanced search functionality with the facility of filtering content creators based on a brand specific requirement. Content creators can be filtered through their Reach, Gender, Friends, Twitter Joining Date, State, City, Taluk, Pincode, Life Stage, Income, Education, Languages, Areas of Interest, etc.

We also have a unique productivity percentage filter to target the right set of content creators- in short, a cumulative score is calculated based on their performance/productivity in previous campaigns and presented to the brand. Our tool allocates the score based on an influencer’s impact in a specific area.

However, the role of captaining the ship is pretty much allocated to the client; the client would be solely responsible in executing the campaign using our platform catering to their idiosyncratic perspectives. The campaign data will be available all the time, one can access anytime by logging in to their respective accounts.

Our platform is fast and reliable, all it takes is a cup of coffee to create and execute your campaigns. The coffee's on us!

What analytics support does the tool provide?

There are countless number of analytic Twitter tools available for consumption, but THTRI takes it to the next level.

It gives you the full low down on your campaign, in a variety of visual and quantifiable formats that are easy to understand.

We have tied up with Twitter to ensure each and every details of your campaign is accurately fetched.

We provide real time analytics of your campaign by displaying the number of tweets, number of users, reach, impression, Demographics, Most influential, etc.

Does it give an option to download reports?

Yes, THRI provides you with the option of not only downloading the report but also the tweet links.

For example, If you are running a Twitter campaign in our platform, we will provide you with the option of viewing or downloading individual tweet links of that campaign irrespective of their number; and that includes each and every tweet sent in by our influencers as a part of your campaign.

What are the brands/agencies that are using this tool?

We intend to offer services to all the brands that are interested in running influencer marketing campaigns in social media. Currently the brands which are using our tool range from Automobile, Banking, Fashion, Finance to Technology and Telecoms. Detailed list of brands can be viewed in the "clients section" of our website.

Pricing & Packages

INR 10,000/- is all you need to run an influencer marketing campaign and a Trending campaign. We have various packages to suit specific needs of a brand. We accept payments only if we manage to step up to your expectation.

Specially for Social Samosa readers:

If you are running two campaigns in a month with privilege packages, we will run the third campaign for free of cost.

The Team

Assessing the key set of critical success factors is important to run a social media campaign. If you have a project that requires mission critical insights, careful metric analysis, frequent reporting or optimizing, we have core competency in this domain and a group of people with the right skill-sets to guide you at every stage.

We take pride in connecting well qualified and experienced influencers who have worked with renowned brands. Our team has years of experience in evaluating influencers in the social media field with international standards, work ethics and brand-centered approach. Finding the perfect person for each campaign is about truly understanding the needs of the brand and the needs of the influencer. We take the time to clearly understand each.

We are a team of 7 with core competency in various critical sectors and we believe that the circle is pretty much complete. They are the spokes of our wheel which moves to achieve success. Every individual plays a vital role in this journey.

Are you hiring?

Yes, we are currently hiring.

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