[Case Study] Adidas Cricket raised awareness around HomeCourt stores with #BeLikeHitman

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Bringing their innovative HomeCourt stores to India, Adidas Cricket brought a richer and immersive shopping experience to their consumers.


Adidas Cricket wished to raise awareness around their HomeCourt stores with the help of Rohit Sharma leveraging social media contests to encourage maximum participation with #BeLikeHitman.


With a dedicated social media marketing mix comprising Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Adidas Cricket targeted cricket fans across the country.

Posting pictures of Rohit Sharma on their official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles, Adidas Cricket encouraged fans to imitate his poses in their own creative way, and to tell the brand why they were Rohit’s number one fans.

Utilizing the appeal of Instagram Stories among the younger cricket fans, Adidas Cricket aimed to create a deeper engagement with them. By posting Instagram Stories through Adidas Cricket and Rohit Sharma’s Instagram accounts showcasing the cricketer travelling to different Adidas stores over a three day period, Adidas sustained the interest of their target audience.


On Facebook, Adidas Cricket chose Facebook Live as their means for the climax of the marketing and awareness campaign. With a Facebook Live session with the hitman of Indian Cricket, Rohit Sharma interacted with the six winning contestants from the social media contest.

Indulging in a fun activity with the contestants during the Facebook Live session, Adidas also shared behind the scenes activity through Instagram Stories.


For the first time, Adidas Cricket leveraged social media features such as Instagram Stories and Facebook Live to reap the benefits, receiving more than 141k views on Facebook within 24 hours.

For Instagram Stories, Adidas Cricket and Rohit Sharma’s accounts accumulated 233k views across both handles creating a significant impact among the brand’s target audience of young cricket enthusiasts.

#BeLikeHitman netted more than 3000 followers for Adidas Cricket’s official Instagram page, receiving more than 172 entries for the contest.

Total number of engagements across all three social media platforms mobilized by Adidas Cricket peaked at 270k, while the total number of hashtag impressions for #BeLikeHitman on Twitter and Instagram were 20.6 million.

Using an effective marketing mix for social media, and the popularity of Rohit Sharma, Adidas Cricket managed to create a significant amount of buzz for their HomeCourt stores with #BeLikeHitman.

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