S.I.P Kiya kya boosts DHFL Pramerica Mutual Funds proposition

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Declining in traditional ways, businesses have now actively moved on to the digital world. Irrespective of the high and dry sector, DHFL Pramerica Mutual Funds unveiled an informative campaign with content tweaked to  lure the tech-gen

S.I.P Kiya Kya?

Systematic Investment Plan, was the protagonist in the entire campaign. To build awareness or rather preach their viewers the significance of maintaining their finances accurately was the crux of the campaign.

According to the brand, they chose to approach this Investor Awareness SIP campaign in a different way than what has been witnessed before in the industry. The campaign was designed to spur action without attempting to explain what SIP is all about, assuming their audience is well aware of this concept.

Instead of taking the straight route of how usually a BFSI brand is expected to take, the brand cheekily conversed with people in three varied situations releasing videos along the line.

Supported by web banners, the first video speaks about how housewives usually stash cash in the nooks and corners of a home which isn’t the best way to save. The second video shows how smart bargain shoppers can be equally sharp by investing their savings in SIP whereas the third video motivates the love for casual splurging to be balanced with SIP investments.

Speaking about the campaign Mr. Salil Vaidya, Director, and CMO, DHFL Pramerica Asset Managers added, “Our research clearly showed that the understanding of Mutual Funds and S.I.P is quite healthy amongst the investor community and there is a huge interest in Systematic Investing. Moreover what is heartening is the attitude of younger investors towards mutual funds as they see mutual fund investments as a long-term wealth building avenue, giving them access to expertise with periodic, manageable investments.  Given our aspiration to connect with retail investors, we chose to use S.I.P Kiya Kya? as the message to target young investors.”

Social Media play riding on the demonetization wave

Money management seems to be the concern of the day after the announcement of demonetization in the country, thus making this campaign unconsciously topical and considering the current scenario people would be willing to lend an ear to investment deals.

Though the brand played on the assumption, they could have picked up this opportunity to break it down to their target audience the details on SIP investments. Nevertheless, the campaign did fairly well on social media where the videos received over 5 lakh views on an average. While their pinned video received 3.4M views and 2.2k shares.

The Missing Hashtag

The absence of a hashtag made it a tad bit difficult to hunt the campaign and funnel all of it under one roof. The Hashtag in this case, would have helped the brand to distinguish itself from the clutter of other BFSI brands. Yet, the statement S.I.P Kiya Kya? created a recall of that particular investment.

The brand did fair enough to make its point, get the concept of SIP investment ringing in the minds of the consumers and chose content feasible for the digital platform

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