Now log in on Facebook to tune in to your favourite Live Audio broadcasts

Live Audio

If you still have a radio set in your living room or like to tune in when you are stuck in a traffic jam, Facebook is planning to render it all useless with Live Audio, Facebook Live Video’s cousin.

Following up the introduction of Facebook’s revolutionary Live 360 videos in partnership with National Geographic, Facebook is working together with a handful of companies to bring Live Audio broadcast to their platform, to truly branch out and offer the entire Live experience.

Live Video witnessed an astronomical rise in adoption this year after it opened up to a wider audience, its popularity fueled by Facebook’s partnership with the International Olympics Committee, broadcasting behind the scenes footage, interviews, and interactive Q&A sessions with athletes.

Celebrities and brands made good use of the feature, although Facebook users from areas with a weaker internet connectivity experienced hurdles when it came to broadcasting Live Video, which posed a hurdle.

“We know that sometimes publishers want to tell a story on Facebook with words and not video. We’ve even seen some Pages find creative ways to go live and reach audiences with audio only by using the Facebook Live API or by adding a still image to accompany their audio broadcast. Our new Live Audio option makes it easy to go live with audio only when that’s the broadcaster’s preferred format.” write Shirley Ip, Product Specialist, and Bhavana Radhakrishnan, Software Engineer at Facebook on the company’s official blog.

The social networking giant is working with BBC World Service , LBC, Harper Collins, and authors Adam Grant and Brit Bennett which could see a whole new wave of interviews, Q&A sessions, book readings and news broadcasts make their way onto Facebook.

Facebook users on the Android and iOS platforms will have access to Facebook Audio, and will be notified if any of the Pages they have liked are online using Facebook Audio, a similar notification is sent to users for Facebook Live Video.

Android users can enjoy their favourite Live Audio broadcast even if they choose to leave the Facebook app or lock their phones, whereas iOS users will have to stay within the Facebook interface but can continue to browse through the social network while listening to a broadcast through Live Audio.