Instagram introduces Bookmark to save posts for later


The ongoing Tennis match between Instagram and Pinterest gets even more interesting as Facebook’s powerhouse subsidiary introduces a new feature that lets users save posts for future reference.

Strongly reminiscent of Pinterest’s Save button that lets users mark posts to revisit or rewatch a post, Instagram has been ambitiously rolling out updates as the platform continues to battle Snapchat and Pinterest in separate picture based platform rivalries.

The save button on Instagram will appear in the form of a Bookmark icon on the bottom right of a post, and it represents Instagram’s push into Pinterest’s exclusive territory of DIY, or inspirational pictures such as an outfit, decor or food to name a few.

Previously, Instagram had experimented with another Pinterest exclusive, the Buy Button which acted as the catalyst, the first move in the ongoing war for supremacy.

To which Pinterest gave a response in the form of the Explore tab, an Instagram exclusive that highlights the best that the platform has to offer, tailored to the user’s preferences and tastes.

With more than 650 million users between them, Instagram and Pinterest are two of the biggest picture based social media platforms that are now embroiled in a rivalry.

Instagram has more than 3 times the number of users as compared to Pinterest’s user base.

It is yet to be seen if Pinterest will be able to hold its ground against Instagram’s famous onslaught, due to which the company has also made a bitter rival out of Snapchat.

The ball is in Pinterest’s court for now.

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