[Interview] Ash C4ETech- YouTube Vlogger

Social Samosa
Dec 28, 2016 10:07 IST
Meet the geeky gadget pundit, Ash, famously known by his YouTube channel title C4ETech. Through this YouTube handle he provides tech reviews, evaluates gadgets, tests performance to games, apps and to put it in simpler words, he’s a savior to all the tech-challenged and an opinion enhancer for all the tech-freaks.

Putting out 20-30 videos a month, Ash has contributed largely to the tech-vlogging scene of the country with his graphical presentations. Social Samosa, interviewed this YouTube tech-vlogger to get a deeper look at his technical YouTube journey.

What was the one thing that motivated you to become a blogger? 

Just wanted to share my thoughts with like-minded people – just hoped to find a few people who’d look at things the way I did with regards to tech J

Please take us behind the making of an average video that goes on YouTube by you

Depends on the video, let's take a review for example – 2 days of testing (camera + Gaming) 5-7 days of using it as a primary phone – 1 day to script the video and line up the shots, one day to shoot, one day to voice over + edit

How do you create content or make decisions on what will be the topic of the next blog?

Depends on what the people are asking for, I read the comments a lot, youtube’s improved app is a great help with being able to stay in touch with my viewers and keep my ear to the ground to figure out what they want.

Tech vlogging is one of the most competitive spaces - how do you maintain the edge or lead? 

I don’t really focus on an edge or a lead, I let my subscribers do all the thinking for me – that’s the beauty of YouTube – you get instant feedback – I just listen to the feedback and implement it – the most important thing here is making sure you are willing to listen to your audience

Tell us your best and the worst moments of being a blogger

Best moment – When I first got invited to a product launch event back in 2014 (or 13 I can’t recall) – it was huge.

Worst Moment – there have been dark days, that’s part and parcel of being a YouTuber – days I’ve been down, haven’t wanted to work, can’t really pick one J

How often do you work with brands? What kind of deliverables do you work on?

I work with brands from time to time – mentions, giveaways, dedicated videos…

What is the best way to monetize a blog? How do you monetize your YouTube stream?



What are the requirements of creating a good vlog - content plus tech? 

Start – doesn’t matter the content, doesn’t matter the tech, just start… and once you do listen to the feedback

What would be the 5 tips that you would like to share with aspiring bloggers?

#1- Start – Just Start! I hear most bloggers saying stuff like “I’m waiting for someone to buy me a camera/phone” just don’t wait and start today, reasons not to start are always going to be there.

#2- That said realize, It’s not as easy as it looks – be willing to commit to long hours and harsh scrutiny of the internet community.

#3- Have patience – nothing happens overnight – whether is gaining fans or making money – you need to wait

#4- Learn to look at silver linings – a hateful comment might make u really annoyed, need to learn to look at the 10 other awesome comments


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