[Interview] Debasree Banerjee highlights her vlogging journey

Debasree Banerjee

Social Samosa in conversation with YouTube vlogger and the owner of the beauty and lifestyle blog, All She Needs, Debasree Banerjee, to uncover her journey through which she emerged as one of the most popular Indian lifestyle bloggers.

Picking the right product or outfit can be a tedious job, and everyone needs help once in a while! To help out others like her, Debasree Banerjee founded her blog, All She Needs in 2012, and has gone from strength to strength, now owning her very own YouTube channel with more than 77k subscribers.

With a degree in biotechnology and a masters in management, blogging is a recreational hobby for Debasree that has achieved a tremendous success.

What was the one moment or experience that inspired you to become a YouTube blogger?

I have been watching Youtube videos since 2008 and I was really inspired to start my own channel ever since. As soon as I got my first job, I saved up to buy a new camera so that I could start my own YouTube channel and I’ve not looked back ever since.

Please share the best and worst moment looking back

The best moment was walking on the red carpet alongside my favorite Youtubers at YouTube Fan Fest this year. Worst moment was when I had a major creative rut last month and I also let all of the negativity online affect me personally. It’s all past now, but it did take a toll on me mentally and physically.

What is your social media life? From dawn to dusk – take us behind your social media day.

It starts as soon as I wake up with Snapchat, an Instagram post and sometimes a tweet or two. My social uploads don’t end unless I go to sleep. I upload videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so there are extra social media posts on those days and I make sure to upload at least 3-4 Instagram pictures in a day which automatically gets shared to my FB and Twitter.

Fashion and make up tend to have limitations after a point. How do you get inspiration and ideas for new content hooks?

I will have to disagree with you on this one. There are literally 1000s of things I get requested to do, plus I have a lot of video ideas myself. Fashion and makeup are always evolving, there are always new techniques & trends, and newer looks coming up. Additionally, there are a lot of challenge videos like the under Rs.100 makeup, Sarojini Nagar haul under Rs. 1000 in 10 minutes, the 100 layers of makeup challenge, etc. You can also create your own challenges, so the possibilities are endless.

What does your content dissemination channel look like? How often do you post? Do you have an editorial calendar?

I post 3 videos a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm. I do have a bullet journal which hosts my editorial calendar, to-do lists and video requests/ideas.

Do you work with brands often? How does your monetization work?

Yes, recently I have been working with a lot of brands that I have loved using in the past. The monetization is agreed upon the services required by the brand and proceeded accordingly.

What has been the weirdest brief given by a brand so far?

Any brand that expects promotion with barter is always weird.

Do you have a team? Please share how do you keep all your channels functional?

I only have one YouTube channel so I manage everything on my own. Sometimes, I work with freelance photographers for videos that I can’t film myself.

What according to you are the biggest mistakes made by rookie fashion bloggers?

Starting their channels/blog with the intention to earn money or to receive free products.

What would be the top 5 monetization tips you would give to upcoming fashion bloggers?

Don’t start blogging/vlogging looking for the monetary benefits, it will take time. Be consistent with your work.

Believe in your work and have more confidence in it, your viewers are here for your perspective and not the brands’.

Write everything down and always keep track of your paperwork

Have fun and don’t let it become a chore.