Now anyone can go Live on Twitter with Periscope


With multiple social media platforms aiming to push ‘live video’ on their respective platforms, Twitter is following suit as the company has announced live video broadcast will now be available to all its users in India.

Utilizing Periscope, the company that provides Live video support to the microblogging platform, Twitter users can now go Live whenever and wherever they wish to.

Treading down a path paved by Facebook, wherein the social networking giant left Facebook Mobile users no choice but to having download Messenger in order to avail messaging functionality, Twitter users too will need to download Periscope in order to go Live.

Twitter wishes to strike the personal chord by urging users to tweet and broadcast their everyday moments on their platform with their online friends, all through a Tweet.

Periscope CEO, Keyvon Beykpour said,”We started Periscope because we wanted to give people the superpower to share live video with an audience. Bringing this capability directly into the Twitter app is an important step because it brings that superpower to the hundreds of millions of people who use Twitter,”

YouTube and Facebook are much ahead Twitter in the battle for Live broadcasts, although this is a small yet significant step for the microblogging platform that has found it difficult to sustain itself in the social media ecosystem of late.

He adds,”Twitter’s already the place where people go to see what’s happening. With this update, anyone can now broadcast what’s happening live.”

While sending out a Tweet, clicking on the ‘add media’ button will now dispay three options to users, that of adding a photo, video or ‘go live’. Clicking on which will direct users to Periscope, that is of course if a user already has the app on their phone. If not, Twitter will first ask the user to do the needful, whereupon users can begin their Live broadcast.

Twitter audiences can chime in in the form of comments and hearts, and the Live broadcast can also be Retweeted, liked and shared anywhere where Tweets are shareable.

Once a user goes Live, their video will stream simultaneously on Periscope and Twitter, accompanied by the text ‘Live on #Periscope’.

This new feature will be made available to Twitter users on the Android and iOS platforms starting today.