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The pace at which the youth seems to be moving ahead in our country is commendable, yet they seem to be stuck when it comes to financial dependency, especially, when it comes to the extravagant Indian weddings. addresses this stigma in the society through their campaign, #PlayYourPart.

Curbing the dependency

Nurtured in an overly protective bubble of our Indian parents, a 20-something is unable to propel out of this comfort zone, exactly why the brand took up this campaign compelling the target audience to rethink the financial reliance of their wedding.

The short film created a replica of a typical Indian wedding in the first half where the bride's parents  stay back to clear the long dues of the services by the vendor; that is when the father receives a letter from his daughter along with a cheque, thanking him for the support and adds her little contribution to lessen their burden leaving her parents proud and teary eyed.

While describing the concept, Prince Thomas – Head Brand Marketing at, said, “The independent, earning youth of today is already depending on the online media for their financial essentials in every sphere from shopping to paying utility bills – be it in the form of internet banking, wallets, or credit and debit cards. With the #PlayYourPart campaign, we wanted to reach out to them to convey that finance is not just for the day-to-day essentials but also the once-in-a-lifetime experience, such as their own wedding.”

This video showcased the desired tomorrow of our society which the brand is willingly offering and making a step towards a significant social change by disrupting the age old culture and simultaneously inculcating their services according to the societal demands.

As the brand suggests the consumers have become more independence and have better purchasing power desiring a better lifestyle. With the growing empowerment, the crave to be independent has also escalated and understanding this change the brand quickly hopped on to reach out with #PlayYourPart.

Speaking about the digital campaign, Adhil Shetty, CEO & Co-founder, said, “Wedding seasons are a busy time with a lot of traction from customers across the country looking for financial products across categories. So this was the right time for a campaign that underscored the emotions of the season and made the viewers connect with an idea that is empowering and disruptive at the same time – that of funding at least part of your wedding yourself. We believe this campaign will help us build a connect with the right audience at the right time in the right manner.”

Social media part

Emphasizing on social media, Bank Bazaar played around #PlayYourPart through GIFs, illustrations, and social media gimmicks.  On YouTube the video received 1,359,317 views till date ever since its release which was on November 28, 2016 the brand managed to create a good hold on its audience.

Speaking about the concept, Carl Savio, CCO, Bluebot, said, “The minute I heard the brief from the BankBazaar team, I knew instinctively that we were on to something very powerful. When you realize that the average Indian middle-class family has to spend approximately one fifth of their life-savings to get their children married you know that something needs to be said. It's time to tell youngsters to step-up and help their parents in whatever way they can.”

Through this statement, we inferred how the working class was the target audience of the brand where through a simple, conversational, and easy to consume content, the brand put out their message straight in the wedding season thus, taking testimonials from people.

“My parents ensured I received the best education and opportunities, even if it meant giving up something they wanted. When the time came to plan my wedding I felt it was very important for me to contribute towards my wedding, especially since I wanted the ceremony in a particular way. In any case I had been saving for my future, which included my wedding expenses. It was important to me that my parents did not feel obliged to spend all their savings towards their daughter's wedding, but instead, feel proud that their daughter independently shared some of the financial responsibilities. To be honest, I feel lucky to have parents who gave me all the necessary tools to succeed in life and I know they would have happily managed the entire wedding cost, leaving no stone unturned. I just feel really grateful that I was able to play my part financially & share some of the responsibility alongside my parents. ” - Prachi #PlayYourPart

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"It was important for us to contribute towards our wedding expenses / pay for our wedding because it was our wedding, we chose to get married to each other. It didn't make any sense to use up our parents' savings to start our lives together. That felt pretty ironic. To know that you are financially stable enough to fund your wedding gave us immense satisfaction. It also made us appreciate our parents better, after understanding how much these things cost, and the level of detailed planning, selection and negotiation involved to get things your way, at your price. And all this, without compromising on quality as well. I'll be honest, we actually fought tooth and nail because initially our parents were adamant that they would pay, that it was their duty and all that drama. But we managed to convince them. At the end of it all & over the course of preparation, I knew they were very proud of us. They would boast to all the relatives, that we funded the wedding, and that was kinda adorable. " - Sharada #PlayYourPart

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Whereas on Facebook in addition to the video they changed their cover picture dedicated to the campaign, while leveraging Facebook Live and polls.

Striking a campaign right at the peak of its conversation, #PlayYourPart got noticed right in the wedding season despite producing an above average campaign.

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