#SkillsNotScars garners media attention creating jobs for acid victims

Skills Not Scars

An act of vitriol, acid attack is defined as a violent assault with acid thrown on to the body of another person with the intention to destroy or disfigure. Humans can be dark and with the prevalence of these attacks, society more than often looks down upon the victim with indifference or worse apathy. To enrich their existence towards equality of all sorts, a non-profit organization ‘Make Love Not Scars’ created a video CV #SkillsNotScars of acid attack survivors.

Video CV

Conceptualized by Ogilvy Mumbai, the digital piece put out the CV of these survivors, who usually at the recipients of the world cringing at the sight of their scarred face.

The struggle against this iniquity and fighting for acceptance of these victims, the organization through their script asked people to look beyond the scars of torture and provide employment to them on the basis of the skills they bring. This powerful cause is asking us to be acceptable towards humanity and empowering them through their hardships.

The motive of this video CV is for the world to look closely and listen attentively, thus, raising awareness and making them a part of this life of normalcy. Apart from building awareness towards the victims, the video somewhere evokes abundant strength, will power and transforms our perspective towards our own life.

Through this film, the women shared how they could’ve written out CV’s like a regular candidate but instead created a video for their potential employers to see their scarred faces to break the fence.

This Video CVs take viewers to a portal of one-of-a-kind online Employment Exchange for hiring these acid attack survivors. Additionally, the portal even allows donation for the organization to raise funds to bring their vision to life and provide a courteous lifestyle

Fight against the sale of acid

Back in 2015, the organization had left an impactful print through their film, #EndAcidSale, under which they shared films called Beauty Tips by Reshma. The series of three videos surfaced an acid attack survivor providing make up tutorials making a satirical point by stringing in makeup.

Every video concluded with a heartfelt plea to their viewers to garner signatures on a petition addressed to the Prime Minister for enforcing the ban on open sale of acid.

The video caught the eyes of massive publications around the world as they picked up on the fight and encouraged the cause of #EndAcidSale.

The Indian campaign at Cannes Lions 2016 received a Gold Film Lion for the videos ‘How To Get Perfect Red Lips’ and ‘How to Apply Eyeliner.’ Currently, with 29,554 supporters, the website confirms the victory.

Comeback on social media

Considering the success of the first phase of the campaign back in 2015, #SkillsNotScars too, got fierce attention on social media as people began to pour attention to these women who are bold enough to stand up for themselves.

As an extension to this cause, Buzzfeed India along with comedian Tanmay Bhatt produced a hilarious video by casting an acid attack survivor, portraying the two of them as colleagues at a workplace where they became a part of a usual, very relatable office scenario, thus putting a simple message to us how appearance does not matter at all.

Humans of Bombay too shared the life of an acid attack survivor using #SkillsNotScars, thus, taking us through their scars and the impact of it on their life.


Streaming through the clutter of content, #SkillsNotScars was gleaming in the social-verse where this single hashtag through its various roots attempted to normalize these scars and built their content to gain social acceptance, which definitely reflected positively.


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