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Who are we?

Social Orange started in the year of Jan 2014 and a blog, and we are handling 50+ customers with more that 1cr in the ad spend.

We create and scale large and complex ad programs with tools designed to maximize efficiency. Optimize with performance data, not just arbitrary rules! Increase productivity with time saving tools that scale across regional and global programs. Gain a closed-loop view of customer activity and bid to the true value of these interactions across desktop and mobile devices. Rise towards high-value actions and audience.

What's in the name?

The founder was a huge fan of “The Annoying Orange” YouTube Channels and the creative behind Social Orange will have flair from the channel. So, to keep it closer to the heart we named brand name to be “Social Orange” and that’s how the color orange was picked up for the brand logo and the rest of its collaterals.

What we do?

Social Media Management

Content Marketing

Digital Media Ads – SEM

Search Engine Optimization

Email Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Why we do it?

Social Orange was born at the time when the news feed of the founder was flooded with poor creatives by brands. In order to help the brands the leverage the power of content marketing and prove them that “Content is the king” Social Orange was born.

How we evolve?

When compared to any other industry, the digital marketing industry is evolving at a faster rate and it will continue it at a much higher pace. So, at Social Orange we have a process of recording changes on a video and explain the team on how it will impact their work and how can they modify the process to overcome the same.

Now that everything is so transparent and all concerned parties are exposed to all the information.

Need of the hour

The ability to claim the original content is a must in this competitive Social Media space. Like YouTube has its own way to claim the content.

We learned the hard way

Don’t start the work without a proper Service Level Agreement signed with the client.

Set deadlines and target for your campaigns so that to make sure the campaigns are always optimized to the fullest.

They work with us

Vivek Hotels, Dr Spine, 883Police, Shravanthi Group, BookCab, Indian Aces, Healthi, Knowledgehut, Zeolearn, Fossil, SenseOrganics to name a few.

Industry as we foresee

We really look forward to see geo targeted ads taking up to the next level. So that even small brands make their way to Social Ads.

A day without Internet

It will be like a “Mercedes without Tyres”

Lastly, are you hiring?

Sure, will post it if we are hiring!

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