Sulekha increases 11% website traffic with Zero Spam Assurance campaign

Spam, spam, spam, spam… as the #AntiJugaad video by Sulekha raps, stressing upon the challenges faced by customers when their personal numbers are consciously shared with service providers, followed by the irksome calls.

“Ye number kaha se mila?” if you’ve ever found yourself asking this question over a call, you’ve been a prey to the sinister of spam.

Goodbye spam

The unwanted nuisance calls prevails as data selling remains ubiquitous in the country and to curb this normalcy, Sulekha, country’s digital business and consumer brand, emerged to offer its customers a break from span with their ‘zero-spam assurance.’

Soumendu Ganguly, VP – Product & Marketing, Sulekha shared that the initiative was built on the brief creating a digital only campaign for  the UVN technology.

“BVN/UVN helps us maintain user privacy as the user number is not shared with the businesses and vice versa. Virtual numbers feature is a very significant step taken to protect the user privacy and thus better the brand credibility and image. This service will be a standard for all business partners, as this is a service for the users to maintain user privacy,” explained Ganguly.

Through a rap video, the brand aesthetically presented how, now using Sulekha to get professional services you are assigned a virtual number, with the help of the user virtual number technology to prevent the service partners from storing and sharing your private number. To break it down, through this campaign the brand provides your details to service partners only with whom wish to be associated and to add on one can stop the calls from whoever and whenever with a single click.

Prioritizing customer privacy and putting out this message through a quirky, humorous, and a vibrant film, the campaign took their viewers on a musical ride to gauge eyes towards them. Sulekha targeted audience in eight metro cities falling within the age group of 25 to 40.

Why did the brand get all the attention? Its because it kept the woes of people in mind and churned out a solution around it, thus making it the rescuer of spam.

Through their campaign, they aim at conveying Sulekha as a trustworthy brand when it comes to their needs related to home care, education or any other local service.

Zero spam assurance via social media

Grasping their audience via Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter the brand got influencers like Ashish Shakya and Anita Hasnandani on board.

Ganguly further giving digits on their campaign shared, “We have been able to garner more than 1 million views on Facebook and more than 550,000 views on YouTube. We have witnessed an increase in the direct traffic on the website by more than 11%.”

Overall, through an enticing piece of audio-visual, the brand managed to hold on to the attention of their viewers but to fruit the campaign further the brand could have supported the film with illustrations or leverage on social media features.