UNICEF uses David Beckham as the voice of #ForEveryChild

For Every Child

The legend of his game has now stepped up to hit yet another goal – #ENDviolence. David Beckham voiced, “Violence against children marks them forever. It’s wrong – end it.”

Some marks are easier to see than others

Bringing his body art to life, Beckham takes a seat with poise letting his tattoos articulate the darkness in the world today. Besieged with mind numbing-ly powerful visuals and haunting voices, the footballer participates in this goodwill of psychological and physical abuse against children in collaboration with UNICEF.

These meaningful marks on his body originally represent his memories that are close to his heart, but through this film, these evocative marks take the blinds off our eyes by highlighting the fact that how millions of children bare marks they had not chosen, the long lasting scars of violence, abuse and pain.


The animation supported by the cries and screams of the innocent endures in places where they should be protected such as homes, schools or in their society.

Using the power of social media, he encouraged netizens to share the film through his post using #ENDviolence and #ForEveryChild. “Every five minute a child dies as a result of violence and millions more are in danger that could destroy their childhoods,” he shared.

The global influencer that he is, Beckham puts in his best foot ahead to speak about the issue in the world.

Effort through social media

UNICEF holding strong believes works for a world in which every child has a fair chance in life. The father of four collectively raises the voice towards this issue, but on an individual level UNICEF, through their social media page has repeatedly spoken in support of rights for children and shared the anecdotes straight from Syria.

Released on December 6, the video already received 4.2M views with almost 10k shares and created a bang on the internet. Promoting a series of strategies, this enticing video looked at changing attitudes of people towards this crime, enforcing stringent laws against the mayhem and strengthens the social services.

Through this initiative, the organization consciously brings the world together to fret about a cause that concerns the entire world, collectively.

Curbing cries worldwide

UNICEF has nurtured this initiative on a global level by reaching out to millions through social media, while engraving these emotions on our screens through films. Prior to this, UNICEF shared the critical chaos of the ongoing Boko Haram conflict and its impact on innocence, which again received around 400,000 views and 5.3k reactions under #ForEveryChild.

#ForEveryChild looked at every kind of abuse and dilemma a child goes through right from abuse to disability, AIDs, deprivation of education, nutrition, and more, thus inspiring us to become more sensitive and alert towards the situation in the world.

On World Aids Day, they released a topical film and shared a hard hitting reality in the face of mankind. Going to the nooks and corners of the world, the organization hopes to bring anecdotes to us from the distant, rather the ignored lands of the world and eager to gain our empathy.

Extensive in nature, addressing widely spread crisis faced by children, #ForEveryChild became the root of these films and social media posts by UNICEF, which created an example of beautiful cause marketing and how a brand is making splendid use of social media for the betterment of humanity by tapping emotions and taking us up, close, and personal with the world’s sufferings.


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