10 international journalists you need to follow on Twitter

10 international journalists you need to follow on Twitter

Gathering information and putting it out together on a platter for us to consume, is broadly what defines the role of a journalist. As James Mcbride once said, “As a journalist, the details always tell the story.” It all comes down to story-telling and to fetch more of these intricate details, keep a tab on those 140 characters, what these influential watchdogs have to share that strengthens this forth estate.

1. Christiane Amanpour

The global affairs anchor for ABC News in the United States as well as the Chief International Correspondent for CNN International, she is one journalist who is followed by world leaders on Twitter. After possessing an experience in the field for over three decades, this global figure’s Twitter handle is something to keep a watch out for.

2. Bob Woodward

This American journalist gained popularity after having exposed the Watergate scandal during President Nixon’s time in office. The investigative reporter has been awarded for his work and shares his piece of knowledge about the world through Twitter.

3. Louis Sebastian Theroux

A British journalist and documentary film-maker with BBC, began his career with writing after making a shift to television.

4. Anderson Cooper

American journalist Anderson Cooper, hosts his own news show The Anderson Cooper 360 and became a household name after his coverage on the war in Iraq and Hurricane Katrina.

5. Diane Sawyer

An award-winning correspondent who covers high profile interviews now was the first female correspondent of 60 minutes. During her long standing career she became one of the fewest female journalists.

6. Shereen Bhan

Shereen Bhan, an Indian reporter who anchors and produces shows like India Business Hous, Young Turks and Power Turks is the Delhi Bureau Chief and Executive Head of CNBC-TV18 in India.

7. Glenn Greenwald

The American journalist, author and lawyer has been a columnist for The Guardian and Salon.com. Frequent contributor to The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The National Interest and In These Times, this journalist puts across his proficient opinions through his tweets giving us a glimpse of the world happenings.

8. Hu Shuli

Chinese journalist, Shuli is considered as one of the finest reporters in the media strained country of China; she was also listed as one of the Top 100 Influential people by Time magazine in 2011. She is also globally recognized for her investigative pieces on corruption and fraud.

9. Richard Lawson

Film critic at the Vanity Fair, Lawson’s Twitter feed will not only give you a precise review of a film but also is bursting of witty and remarkable tweets.

10. Piers Morgan

If you’ve been on Twitter for a while, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen opinionated Piers Morgan getting trolled, trolling a celebrity or doing something that ends up giving us enough content for entertainment.

With opinions floating in from all directions in the social world, keeping a tab on these Twitter profiles will provide you with some reliable information.


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