Aegon Life asked twitterati for #BadAdvice; Twitter delivered and how!

Mohammad Kanchwala
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Aegon Life
Death may be unpredictable, but nothing is quite as unpredictable as Twitter. As a brand, you work hours to craft a strategy, brainstorming hashtags and then these guys come along.

Aegon Life, an insurance company, rolled out their new campaign under the hashtag #BadAdvice, it took only a couple of hours before it began to trend on Twitter. Great right?

Well, almost.

Twitter users started to tweet some pretty undecipherable, disturbing and weird stuff under the hashtag which we could not help but laugh about. So we decided to share it with you!

1. What indeed.

2. What indeed x 2

3. Any Engineers out there?

4. It just did.

5. Why would you even do that!

6. Its good advice too actually

7. Lot of beer talk here

8. Don’t be plausible either

9. Grammar.

10. I would not say that when it’s summer in Mumbai

That's a lot of bad advice for one day!

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