Facebook takes Live a notch higher with new updates

Facebook takes Live a notch higher with new updates

Slowly accepting what they have been so vociferously denying over the past year or so, Facebook is finally inching towards being a productive news and broadcast tool for publishers with new updates pivoted around Facebook Live.

As proclaimed by Facebook earlier, video is their primary focus and the next big thing on social media, because no one wants to read text transcripts anymore! No one has the time. Not to mention video ads too are way more engaging as compared to a stray illustration that pops up every now and then.

So, having established the prominence and priority that video on Facebook enjoys, let us take a look at the new features and capabilities on offer for Facebook Live.

Web support for Facebook Live

Earlier, Facebook Live broadcasts could only be made through mobile devices and tablets, which is now being changed. Content creators who wish to communicate through Live will now be able to use their Desktops and Laptops to broadcast Live videos.

Live contribution from users

Facebook Pages can now designate Live broadcasting duties to specific users, which was earlier not possible if the contributor was not the admin of the said Page. This capability is aimed at providing journalists affiliated with publications more freedom to broadcast events in real time, while maintaining the security and control in the hands of the Page admin.

Metrics for growing Pages

Pages on Facebook with 5000 or more followers can gauge the performance of their video content in the next few weeks by referring to basic metrics such as total minutes viewed, total number of views, and total engagement (reactions, comments and shares).

On the official blog announcement, Facebook also says, “People will also be able to see aggregated insights for all the videos they post on their profile over 7-, 30-, and 60-day periods, including the total number of video posts, engagement, total views and minutes viewed, and total number of Profile followers.”

Pinned Comments on Live Videos

Keeping up with the barrage of comments during a Live broadcast is quite a task which is a great boost for interaction among the broadcaster and viewers. Live broadcasters can now pin comments on the bottom of their video to highlight their favourite ones.

Live Video Permalink

Directing users to a Live Video will now be possible through a permalink which will direct users to the Page’s video library, and they can easily tune into a Live broadcast if one is underway. “facebook.com/pagename/videos” will direct users to the library.


To give a concluded Live broadcast extra shelf life, Facebook has now made it possible for Pages to share their finished Live video broadcast across different accounts.

This sheds light on Facebook’s warming approach towards more news on their platform, even though it may still be struggling to contain fake news. Maybe Facebook is trying to crowd out news from unverified sources by pushing for more authentic video content from publishers.

Additionally, Facebook has also realized that it cannot work alone to eliminate fake news, and the social network is now planning on working with news corporations and websites for a better and deeper understanding and maintenance of quality with the Facebook Journalism Project.

Using the vast inventory of storytelling features available on Facebook such as Live, Live 360 and Instant Articles, Facebook will impart knowledge to publications on how to make the most of it.

You can read more about Facebook offering their solemn commitment to News publications here.