First tweets from your favourite brands...

Hint - You'll be thankful they evolved!

Mohammad Kanchwala
Jan 16, 2017 12:32 IST
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Do you remember your first tweet? The confused, half confident perseverance that you put in to finally hit the Tweet button? Yeah, you know what we're talking about!

Like a lot of us, everyone has to hit Tweet eventually, because the realm of social media is not for spectators. Brands too have entered the arena, and are tweeting away; but have you ever imagined how your favourite brand debuted on the microblogging platform?

Did they open with a joke, a cryptic message, or with a promotional post? Look no further! We bring you the first Tweets from some of the most popular brands around the world, and you can tell us who nailed their first Tweet, and who didn't.

1. I'm not sure if I'm lovin' it.

2. Microsoft get some of that X Box spirit in you.

3. A very subdued debut for Facebook, on Twitter

4. Always begin with good news!

5. Google once again being Google

6. Well, somebody needs social NETWORKing lessons.

7. State Bank of India just being what banks are.

8. So interesting

9. Snapchat

10. Coca Cola just going bananas for their first tweet.

11. *wipes off nostalgia induced tears*

12. Yeah Dear America and?

13. No surprises here!

14. Just Hello to you too.

15. Lets get down to business all right?

16. Well, they came a long way from books...

17. I'm guessing green herbs were a part of the recipe for whoever handles KFC's Twitter handle.

18. For a company with Entertainment in their name, Warner Bros. Why so serious?

19. I'm confused.

20. Beer makes you stupid, but it made Bud wiser. (not original)


21. *hits retweet a million times while holding an oreo in the other hand*

22. What the hell Disney!?

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