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It is finally over! The worst year ever for some. Just the thought of some 2016 events can make us cringe, but then were we expecting 2017 to be any more productive or different, well, NO.  This is what the people of Los Angeles woke up to on the first day of January.

While you may have passed out and woken up hungover, or decided to be civilized and woke up feeling like rainbows and sunshine, you will never guess what the people of Hollyweed woke up to. Yes, you read that right.

California just legalized marijuana consumption for recreational purposes, and someone saw their moment. And took it. The iconic Hollywood sign was vandalized, and tarpaulins were placed on the two ‘O’s to make them look like ‘E’s. AND this is not even the first time it has happened.

Check out the Twitter reactions of citizens who woke up to this on the first day of the year!

This is not even the first time it has happened

How can he not have a say when it's about weed!

We all have ‘high’ hopes for 2017

Who writes your copies BBC? Give them a raise!

Oh yes meme it

Yeah we’re sure you will

Seinfield anyone?

Always that one person

Yeah right

A criminal offence nevertheless, but we are glad the iconic landmark was not permanently damaged.

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