Indiabulls Home Loans urges citizens to #ExperienceTheRun

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Jan 24, 2017 07:10 IST
Indiabulls Home Loans urges citizens to #ExperienceTheRun


Indiabulls Home Loans


Social Kinnect

Indiabulls Home Loans, one of India’s housing finance companies, has been emphasizing the importance of healthy living and promoting running as a sport in the country. As a part of this push, the company has extended their support to the Vasai Virar Mayor’s Marathon as the Title Sponsors.


The key motive of the campaign was to drive awareness about the Vasai Virar Mayor’s Marathon not only amongst the running community but to go beyond and establish recall amongst the population of Mumbai that was unaware of this scenic and pristine marathon right beside their homes. These included fitness enthusiasts, corporate professionals, and students.


The campaign used geo-targeting of videos within a city to increase retention and engagement through personalized messages. For which, a series of short videos were produced with a unique proposition.

The videos were geo-located to hyper-locales wherein the identified audiences resided. To give this some context, videos were made specifically for areas like Lower Parel for the corporate crowd, Churchgate to woo the student community, and Bandra or Marine Drive to reach out to fitness enthusiasts.

The brand used the names of the specific localities as a ‘callout’, at the outset of the video itself, to gain the immediate attention of the viewer. A viewer in Bandra was shown a video wherein, in the first second itself, the person was addressed with the following line – “Bandra, this is your invitation to run.”

On the creative front, apart from the shock value of calling out to residents in an area, the visuals matched the respective localities. Social Kinnect’s production team went out to the different spots of the city and took video snippets of aspects that were intrinsic and unique to each area.

The final strokes to the canvas were put out in the form of a hyperlapse video that encapsulated the thrill of the marathon by covering the 42km stretch with an actionable invitation for everyone to come #ExperienceTheRun.

In a time where running is becoming a part of our culture and marathons now more common than ever, the challenge they faced, was to break free of the clutter. To add, they had the pressure to achieve this feat in as short a time frame as possible to ensure that the users remained engaged.

Hence, the videos had to hit the right spot and communicate their thoughts in a designated time of 15 seconds, out of which the final 5 seconds were kept aside for the end slate with the details of the marathon (date, time, venue).


With almost 3,000,000 impressions on YouTube alone, #ExperienceTheRun managed a staggering 900,000 unique views.

Bettering the metrics on Facebook, the videos garnered almost 800,000 unique views out of a total reach of 1,800,000.

The real success metric however, would be the fact that the average view time for the geo-targeted videos on Facebook was 13 seconds out of a total of 15 seconds of video time.

The brand created a motivational atmosphere, urging users to experience the run during the marathon. #ExperienceTheRun got citizens excited about the marathon with crisp content and apt social media mix.

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