Mastiii carves its niche in the competitive Music Channels genre with #BanoDheet


Activist Gloria Steinem shared that whenever one person stands up and says “Wait a minute, this is wrong,” it helps other people to do the same. Fruiting on to this thought and igniting a positive approach towards the New Year, the music channel of Sab Group, Mastiii initiated a campaign #BanoDheet which translates – to be stubborn and for all the right reasons.

Be stubborn for a cause

Initiated with the aim to bring about some awareness towards the evils stuck like nasty glue in our society, the brand titled their campaign Karo Theek #BanoDheet. Indicative with their title, this youth based channel hoped to bring about a change by inspiring the youth with these problems- Eve teasing, corruption, littering, and drinking & driving.

These are the foremost issues that have unfortunately become the identity of our country which we have been silently suffering and to break the silence with stubbornness to remove this from the root #BanoDheet campaign had a couple of short films.

Elaborating on this initiative, Manav Dhanda, Group CEO, SAB GROUP said “Through #BanoDheet initiative we stand to rekindle the inner spirit of the youth to build a better nation and a new India in 2017 by becoming Dheet/Stubborn to do the right thing always. The TVCs produced by Katalyst Creates a division of SABGROUP; attempt to bring about a ‘behavioral and attitudinal change’ in society as an extension to our PM’s vision of a conscientious nation.”

For us to hold these New Year resolutions for the betterment of our society, this campaign had various self-explanatory direct videos, without dialogues where actions were enough to explain in pretty much a relatable scenario, directed to the youth.

Throughout these videos, the script shows how there are people are not just being a spectator to the wrong deeds happening around them or even worse being a part of it but on the contrary they speak up against it.

Social media buzz

Through this year end campaign, the brand took us through the evils of the society which are rising tremendously and somewhere acted as an eye-opener without being too preachy or monotonous.

Reaching out to 173 million viewers in India, this campaign through simple conversation managed to ring a bell in the minds of the viewers; till date the campaign has received over 1115 tweets and counting over 1.13 crore impressions.

The video also shared GIFs and illustrations to further build on to the message they’re trying to put forth in a very Bollywood-y manner.

In a country where MTV and Channel V have been the front runners of youth music and entertainment channels, Mastiii carved its way with their campaign and initiated its identity on the digital platform.

Through its straight forward message and a concern that affects the mass population, #BanoDheet addressed the issue, giving it a smart topical angle thus garnering attention with a decent campaign .


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