Panasonic Smartphones’s #LiveYourDreams urged users to go beyond the mundane

Once entering the professional world, deadlines and timelines have become a way of lifestyle restricting us from chasing our dreams or ticking off our travel bucket list. To satisfy the wanderlust cravings, Panasonic Smartphones initiated a campaign to pursue our travel dreams through #LiveYourDreams campaign.

Outline of the Campaign

Panasonic through the digital portals took a step ahead to allow people to follow their dreams away from their tedious desk jobs. The campaign was directed to all those who are confined to the mundane life of cubicles and their lives oscillating between earning and fulfilling responsibilities.

They released a campaign video titled ‘Kaagaz Ke Parindey’ conceptualized by Sociowash and directed by Tejender Sharma of Gibbous Films where it captures the dreary work life of a female protagonist where she is flooded with work and just when she thinks her work is done, her boss gives her some more. The film moves ahead with the music as she is seen working late at night even when the office is vacant.

This transition of time is captured with the lessening of lights and eventually the protagonist is shown working alone at work, just with her laptop light on. The next shot is an instant changeover with her sitting on the bike in casual outfits. The song encapsulated the dream most of us hold.

The Mobility Head of Panasonic for ISMEA (India, South Asia, Middle East and Africa) Region expressed his views on the Kaagaz Ke Parindey video about how the hectic schedules of our work have made our dreams fade in reality. He said “The video very well narrates the stories of our ambitions yet inspires you to not let your dreams be just dreams. It urges you to take charge of your dreams.” He further added, “The lyrics of the song are inspirational and Siddharth Mahadevan has done a brilliant job.”

Through the indicative campaign #LiveYourDreams, the brand offers people a step away from their routine and gets wings to fly off to their dream destination. Though the campaign is not entirely travel-centric, it encourages viewers to take a break from the monotony of workspaces to relish the world around.

The #LiveYourDreams Contest

The crux of #LiveYourDreams lies in the contest that the brand is conducting where the brand give people an opportunity to travel their dream destination and capture their experience on the Panasonic Smartphone.

The contest was hosted on the microsite that was divided in two phases wherein the top 25 participants get shortlisted for the second phase. The second and the final phase mark the end by selecting 6 winners getting a chance to live their dreams into reality.

All the participants need to do is earn points through various social media handles to be on top of the leaderboard. The campaign included exciting jumper points that help the participants to reach on top of the leaderboard.

Social Media Connect

The video crossed more than 5 Lakh views within 24 hours on YouTube. The campaign was launched on all the digital platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. The campaign video Kaagaz Ke Parindey crossed over 1 million views on different social media platforms within 72 hours. Several celebrities were talking about the campaign on social media – Shankar Mahadevan and Siddharth Mahadevan to name a few. The campaign also been trended pan India on Twitter and YouTube.

Pranav Agarwal, Co-Founder, Sociowash, shared, “Working with Panasonic SmartPhones has been the most exciting and learning experience for us and we are confident that the campaign will rouse enthusiasm among the youth.”

Panasonic Smartphones with their campaign managed to lure viewers with a great travel deal which is desired by the masses and their constant posts around the campaign kept people aware about this campaign. Though, the film lacked in creativity, communication and storyline as such, the campaign because of the brand’s popularity managed to stick around.