Social Samosa Agency Feature – Lexiconn


Who are we?

We are India’s top content writing agency. If you haven’t heard about us yet, it is probably because we are comfortably enjoying living under a rock. But seriously, we are really one of our kind and when it comes to pure-play editorial content, and we are pretty much at the top (of the Google Search Engine rankings we mean). Don’t believe us? Try searching content writing mumbai, or content writing India and you’ll know what we are talking about.

LexiConn entered the content writing business in 2009, much before the term “Content Marketing” was coined. In fact, back then, we called it, “Content Process Outsourcing.” Since then, the company has grown from strength to strength. Today, we have serviced over 600 clients across 20 countries…

What’s in the name?

“LexiConn” is a portmanteau. Lexi means to do with words and Conn means to steer (typically a plane or a ship). So LexiConn is all about steering words. This name was coined in a matter of 30 minutes or so…

What we do?

LexiConn offers over 40 services within content. Yes. From plain old web content to content strategy and from info-graphics to comics, short stories and ghost writing. We are neither an advertising agency nor a publishing house, we are a team of business writers, domain-writers, copy-writers and SEO experts. Together, we deliver customized content and have some fun while we find our true calling.

Here is Team LexiConn taking up The Mannequin Challenge!

Why we do it?

For Khamir Purohit, our founder, the passion for reading books and writing poems provided the pull to get into the content business. He saw this major ‘gap in the market’ and soon realized that there is a huge untapped ‘market in this gap’!

An instrumentation engineer, an MBA and a banker, Khamir started LexiConn as a means to turn this passion into a profession. He often says, writing is something he would have even done for free. Being paid to do this is just awesome!

How we evolve?

Staying ahead is difficult. One needs to constantly learn new things. Like SEO, for example. The tricks we used five years ago, are no longer valid. Also, for the industry we are in, we need to constantly evolve to understand the domains and keep adapting our writing style to stay relevant.

Social responsibility in social media

We have a strict policy – Honesty. Yes, be it our own content or that for our clients, we ensure that we do not promote unrealistic ideas and claims. We are also particular about the nature of projects we take up. Like, we were once approached by a leading tobacco manufacturing company that wanted us to position “smoking as being cool”, we subtly refused the project.

Need of the hour

Self-censorship is the best way forward. Don’t do anything on social networking platforms what you would not do in real life. We educate our clients about the same. We urge them to go for quality over quantity, and news over noise.

We learned the hard way

It is easier to plan things on paper; the devil is in the detail. If content is King, execution is King Kong. We’ve always prescribed that a company should play to its strengths. No point relying on execution partners and third parties, and certainly not freelancers.

Did we just share that?

There are so many CEOs, MDs and HODs at MNCs, who are just not aware about SMM. Call them old-school, but they don’t understand the whole “social media circus”! However, we’ve met some CXOs who’ve been downright humble and honest about their lack of knowledge. In fact, they are curious and willing to learn and experiment.

They work with us

In any quarter, we work with at least 75 clients. We cater to 8-10 clients each day. Our current clientele includes ICICI Lombard, Croma Retail, Edelweiss Partners, Landmark Shops, Shoppers Stop, ICICI Prudential Life, and more…

Industry as we foresee

The Indian Social Media industry is just developing. A lot needs to be done to move the clients from the ‘ROI fixation’ to a ‘brand building’ mindset. In the coming years, we believe that content will continue to rule the roost and clients will start valuing quality over quantity. We are running a Content Marketing campaign on all channels to educate. We will be posting one content tip for 365 days!

A day without Internet

Oh! Not so bad actually. We could use such a day to read offline. At LexiConn, we have a well-stocked library and subscriptions to magazines across domains. A day without Internet would be a blessing, because only quality reading begets quality writing.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yup! We are hiring, always!