Society Tea takes the Coke Studio way with #SoundsOfSociety

Aishwaria Sonavane
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Society Tea takes the Coke Studio way with #SoundsOfSociety
How music possesses the power of binding minds, tea is the elixir for a tête-à-tête. Enriching this experience further, the brands Society Tea and BlueFrog are bringing in the best of both worlds - tea and music together, with a tinge of Indian element in it and calling it the #SoundsOfSociety.

Amalgamation of tea and music

What’s that one common component between these two? They’re the connectors. Striking conversations over a warm cup of tea or the spark of having the same taste in music has been the socializing instigator.

Society Tea collaborating with live music venue BlueFROG, who has been involved in actively encouraging the musical talent across boundaries, kicked off a cross-cultural project with musicians around the globe who are currently in the country.

These musicians are blending their beats to keep the Indian musical essence and taking us on a melodious joyride with different episodes. #SoundsOfSociety has a microsite that encapsulates all the musical content of this campaign under one roof.

Engaging their audience with a campaign that is segregated in episodes, almost like a musical web-series on YouTube, #SoundsOfSociety takes us through different pieces of music and takes us through the tunes of exquisite artists. Giving life to a musical property, this collaboration goes beyond producing a mere campaign but a platform for concealed musical talents to come ahead.


Both these brands have opened doors for a musical collaboration beyond borders, through these episodes they take us through the varied possibilities of music. The brands take us through the making and through the journey of how alien musicians together with alien instruments can create tunes that touches the heart straight.

The first episode comprises of Ali’s folk vocals on harmonium that is harmoniously blended with Duplessy’s flamenco guitar which produced some ear-pleasing music. Both the artists claimed that their hearts and minds are similar and that is probably why their music connects. They understand each other’s thoughts, expressions and communicate through the heart.

Episode two takes us from Delhi2Dubai, bringing on our screens a musical blend of Tabla, Fiddle, Guitar and Dhol. Connecting hearts across countries with varied sounds, this video shot in a cow-shed is brimming of rustic Indian tunes with a magical blend of global music.


Gowri Jayakumar, Vasuda Sharma, and Matteo Fraboni knit the third episode which has a classic collaboration of guitar, vocals, electronic percussion. Over a cup of tea, these artists share their musical life stories and introduce us with some great music.

Composed by Hang Massive and Naviin Gandharv the fourth episode too has undertones of Indian music giving it a twist of global tunes and bringing to us an intermingling of instruments that has never been explored before.


Powerful vocals and composed by Chandana Bala, Nush Lewis and Varun Zinje bring to us music popping from the corners of the country, the part Southern India to be precise.

The recent episode number 6 composed by Delhi Sultanate, DJ URI, Satish Krishnamurthy unleashes the unexplored mishmash reggae and traditional music with the new technique of finger drumming.

All these videos managed to garner around 1000 views on YouTube and both the brands kept sharing their activities on Twitter, so did the artists thus giving the campaign a momentum. Though the campaign needs to be marketed well as they lack the number of views the campaign deserves.

Output of #SoundsOfSociety

As one of the artists quoted, “Music is music,” speaks entirely for this campaign. With this campaign, the brand produces a series which looks at heavily revamping the music scene of the country, delivers vibrant, fresh content and even builds an identity of its own by keeping tea and music at its crux.

This campaign resonates a lot with the trends we foresee in the digital space for this season, where brands are looking at building a long-term relationship with their audience, way beyond temporary campaigns and initiatives. Except, despite the terrific content, the campaign lacks good marketing which restricts it from reaching the right audience and giving the deserved fame to these artists.

Overall, through #SoundsOfSociety, these brands put in a bit from both ends to create a brilliant campaign with a very healthy shelf life and simultaneously nurtures an identity for itself with this property.

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