Volini owns marathons with #RunRecoverRepeat

Volini owns marathons with #RunRecoverRepeat

#RunRecoverRepeat was the health mantra Volini attempted to put forth around the marathon. Running an elaborate campaign and amalgamating it lucidly around the genre of health and social media, let’s take a look at what Volini had to share.

Let’s #RunRecoverRepeat

Running a campaign titled #RunRecoverRepeat since late 2016, Volini- the brand that produces products to relieve from muscle and joint pain took up the responsibility to funnel health related information by keeping marathons at the crux of it and collaborating with on-going marathons thus keeping their content topical and edifying.

It became the ‘Official Recovery Partner’ of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2016. While, celebrity endorsement and influencer marketing is a digital marketing norm, the brand decided to take up an not very well known specialist on their bandwagon to keep the focus on health guidelines coming from an expert in the field. Kieren DSouza, the 23 year old Indian who became the only person to complete the 246 kms Spathalon race became the Recovery Expert for the campaign.

Around the marathon the brand kept their activities alive by sharing illustrations and creatives to boost the confidence and perk up the spirits of their audience. Through this, they kept popping on the screens and kept the campaign breathing

They even utilized GIFs by sharing various common exercises that should be done to strengthen the body and for a faster recovery like lunges, pull ups, bicep curl, and stretches. The only drawback was that no detailed guidelines were given to perform these exercises which can harm the body if the posture or style are not correctly followed.

They even gave in-depth information through GIFs around the after effects of a half marathon. Representing the nature of their brand, it emerged as an informative provider which has not been done by any brand before.

Overall, bringing in variety to the campaign, the brand made use of Facebook features and even got Kieren DSouza Live to answer the queries of viewers. This activity affirmed the groundbreaking reality of social media which enables communication between people at distance from both ends. Through this activity, social media provisioned people to get information handy with just internet connection thus boosting them to participate in marathons once they have information on recovery.

The brand also conducted a recovery program which analyzed the entire concept in greater detail. Apart from providing basic information, the brand went ahead to educate people in need of details to guide them better to perform and participate in marathons.

Apart from this campaign, the brand even shared pictures from around the country of marathons where they assisted participants to recover from their run, thus emphasizing on their indicative hashtag.

After Facebook Live, Volini even made use of carousel feature, by collectively featuring all their recovery details under one roof.

Volini created blogs on their own microsite, which became useful for amateurs and first-timers. Rather than relying or binding with other content publishing houses, they themselves conducted this comprehensive campaign, portraying itself as a brand that markets with the motive of achieving beyond than just selling its product.

Next, was the Wipro Chennai Marathon, the same story was repeated with newer content and a fresher motivation. The brand created a film supporting their campaign which intended to inspire with facts, figures and of course the background score. They put together quotes and advices from Olympic medalists, marathon runners and experts who centered their content around nutrition, mental preparedness, stamina, and all the elements involved in running a Marathons.

And finally, Standard Chartered Marathon was the topic of discussion for the brand where they extended their campaign which was fitting perfectly as long as these marathon timings are concerned.

Social media sprint

Marathons these days have increased where people run for a cause or simply with the motive to stay fit. Volini, did not associate itself with one particular brand organizing the marathon, but at large became a one-stop destination for viewers wanting to run.

This extensive campaign proves how Volini conducted this campaign with a motive that wants to build an identity and come across as a brand that supports one particular cause, in this case- Marathons. It was way above selling themselves where the brand did not even mention once about their products but managed to create a brand recall when it came to Marathons.

Secondly, in the business world where brands utilize the popularity of influencers and celebrities to run their campaign, Volini did it the other way round wherein they got Marathon runner, Kieren DSouza to be the face of their campaign and through the popularity of the brand having 400294 followers on Facebook introduced him to the social world.

The campaign was thoroughly planned and conducted as the cover picture of the brand suggests how this campaign will continue for the Marathon in Bengaluru after New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai.

Contributing to the rising genre of health and social media, Volini became one reliable brand for health related content and conducted them with utmost maturity through this campaign by moving beyond selling a product. This also opens new trends on social media where the brand is interested in building a brand connect over simply advertising of products.

Making its way on social media, Volini managed to make a mark through its approach and an innovative idea of promoting marathons and attempting to echo its name with it.

Overall, with this extensive campaign the brand portrayed loyalty towards the cause they believe in, provided us with comprehensive data and even broke the stereotypes of making a popular personality the face of their campaign.


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