9 of the most well made Super Bowl campaigns this year

Super Bowl campaigns

Check out these 9 well crafted Super Bowl campaigns that delighted viewers not only on television but racked up millions of views on YouTube, and are sure to find affection from you too!

Athleticism and creativity are the two big guns pulled out each year in the United States, and it has become a ritual of sorts for viewers, who on any other day would curse and whine when an advertisement is aired on Television, but not during the Super Bowl.

Each year, brands let their creative juices flow to showcase it in front of millions on that coveted spot at one of the biggest sporting nights in the country! This year was no different, and the most common theme among brands appeared to be a certain controversial political figure’s controversial political stance and more controversy but thankfully, compassion and empathy do exist *ahem*.


Not many companies come to be as American as Budweiser is. America’s favourite beer, many would say. Given the political disarray that many of the countrymen find themselves in, Budweiser decided to put forth a subtle message through their Super Bowl commercial this year.

A German immigrant, travels to America to brew beer. Glean from the context what you may.

84 Lumber

Advertisements around immigrants and diversity were common ground this year, and not many are surprised. 84 Lumber took us through the journey of a Latin mother and daughter, a journey through deserts, rain, rivers and trains, to come and live the American dream, only to encounter a wall blocks their path.

We choose not to ruin the end for you.

National Geographic

It was National Geographic’s first ever Super Bowl commercial depicting the eccentric genius, Albert Einstein playing the violin, to the tune of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. The ad was a teaser for NatGeo’s show Genius that revolves around a different genius each season.


The hamburger scene in the United States is not one of peaceful co-existence. While we may have grown accustomed to McDonald’s or opted for Burger King, our American counterparts have more to choose from. Wendy’s threw some shade at their competitors for using frozen, and not fresh meat in their products.


Squarespace shows us a displeased John Malkovich, at finding out that the website johnmalkovich.com has been taken by someone else. The advertisement is just what you could expect from John Malkovich, and will leave you chuckling for sure. Clever.

Do visit johnmalkovich.com.

Avocados from Mexico

This Illuminati-ish society has been trying to guard their best kept secret, which is ‘Avocados from Mexico are full of good fat’. A quirky take on the West’s obsession with the fruit, its humour lies in the simplicity and the ad even makes a quip about subliminal advertising.

There are a lot of references to popular conspiracy theories and myths, and this ad is sure to have you grinning.


Teaming up with Melissa McCarthy, Kia let the world know that you don’t have to get hurt to save the environment, just driving Kia’s new green car, the Niro will make sure you contribute to save the planet. Although, that clearly is not enough, but the ad manages to be funny by showing everything going wrong for Melissa like a Rhino chasing her down, or her falling into a split iceberg.

Bud Light

Budweiser chimed in with two advertisements for this year’s Super Bowl, reviving their mascot Spuds McKenzie, or the ghost of Spuds McKenzie to be accurate. Spuds appears in front of a man who just canceled on plans to have a few Bud Lights with his friends.

Spuds soul can’t rest in peace when friends don’t have beers with friends! Take a hint.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola chose to re-air their previous ad from 2014, and to reshuffle the feathers that it had back in the day. Centred around the diversity of the United States of America, the minute long advertisement features the song, America The Beautiful sung in 7 different languages, depicting people from different ethnic backgrounds, living the American dream.

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