BharatMatrimony highlights youths’ perspective with #MyFatherInLawToBe


BharatMatrimony initiated a social media survey to understand how Indian how Indian boys and girls wish their father-in-law to be and the kind of expectations they have of them.


Objective of #MyFatherInLawToBe was to understand the youth’s thoughts on this subject, while interacting with them. Acknowledging that single girls and boys expect to be treated well and supported by their future family, BharatMatrimony posed 10 questions and the users responded with much openness.


Considering that relationship with in-laws is the key to a happy marriage, BharatMatrimony wanted to provide an opportunity for the audience to express the expectations they have of a father-in-law thereby offering a platform for better understanding through the organic #MyFatherInLawToBe campaign.

Top ten questions that singles think about when it comes to prospective fathers-in-law were identified. Twitter and Facebook were chosen as the primary platforms to pose these questions. The campaign was run by the brand’s internal social media team.

Kaushik Tiwari, Head – Marketing at BharatMatrimony, says, “Today’s youth are very open about their expectations from marriage and in-laws. Their responses to our social media campaign clearly show that they’d like to make every effort to make the relationship work.”

#MyFatherInLawToBe brought to light some surprising results, showing how the youth of the country is open-minded.

100% of guys wished to be treated as sons rather than sons-in-law by their father-in-law, saying they “wish to be loved more than respected.” 60% girls wanted their father-in-law to support what’s right and correct the wrong when there is an argument between the couple. While 40% guys felt the same.

A majority of girls and boys wanted to be given their own space after marriage since its they who have to spend the rest of the life together.


#MyFatherInLawToBe witnessed over 2,000 responses, delivered over 772,000 impressions and reached over 100k with an engagement ratio of 8%, all in about two hours. The collaboration with fans on social media resulted in key insights about the expectations of a father-in-law and the way singles would like to build the relationship with them.

BharatMatrimony managed to break stereotypes by showing what the youth really think about their to be in-laws, rather than running by pre-conceived notions.