Enrich your blog with YouTube videos

Writing takes a fair bit of time and unfathomable amounts of knowledge and insight. Rich content like YouTube Videos can make a huge difference

Mohammad Kanchwala
Feb 09, 2017 04:50 IST
YouTube Videos
Writing takes a fair bit of time, a whole lot of effort, and unfathomable amounts of knowledge and insight to set it apart. Rich content like YouTube Videos can make a huge difference. Your work could be truly valuable and enlightening with imagery that gives tangible imagery and voice to your expression.

The Text has been the medium of choice to impart knowledge for years unless you wish to attend a lecture, and if text is what dominates your blog, it may not be a bad idea to seek out help from media.

Breaking the monotony of text keeps your readers glued, and sometimes simply saves you the trouble of explaining something that can be done alternatively, and in a much more engaging way.

Yes, the answer may not shock you, but the simplicity of this solution and why bloggers do not use it is, in fact shocking. YouTube, the video hub of the internet is full of videos ranging from tutorials to short films, reviews for just about anything to passionate discussions about intense topics.

Embed. Embed. Embed.

Infusing a sense of dynamism into your blog, videos entertain your reader whilst still being faithful to the written word, granting a sense of playfulness to your blog. Blog posts with YouTube videos embedded in them deliver more readership, and the best thing is embedding videos can be done in a matter of seconds.

Here is how you can embed YouTube videos to add more value to spice up your blog.

We choose to practice what we preach, but nevertheless, here is a text tutorial for the same.

Clicking on the ‘Share’ button below a video will reveal three different options.

Share, Embed and Email. Embed is the one you have to click, which will further reveal a code that you can copy and paste onto your blog, and voila! You have embedded a video on your blog.

Keep it relevant. Keep it interesting

Now if you happen to be just as good in front or behind the camera to create your own video, just as you are typing away on your keyboard, that happens to be pretty impressive.

But if not, you can use YouTube to find relevant videos and embed them in your blog to enhance its appeal among your readers. If at any point in your article you reference tips or offer advice to your readers, offering them a video gives you a chance to save those precious words.

If you happen to be a fashion blogger, or a culinary expert who likes to share recipes and experiences through their words, some things are better explained with a YouTube video. Like how to do a certain stitch job, or how to cut certain vegetable in a certain way, would a video not help?

It would! And the thing about a video is it gives the due credit to the creator while at the same time adding more value to your blog post.

Relevant videos do not always have to adhere to a strict code, and you can decide the degree of flexibility by keeping in mind the nature of your article.

Consider a musician who loves to blog and share his thoughts with like minded people and fans. Naturally, there ought to be a few tips, and suggestions. For example, a certain way of playing an instrument, or a certain favorite artist.

It gives viewers a chance to explore, within the comfort of your blog post.

Why YouTube Videos ?

If you are a seasoned marketer, or a new yet informed one, you would know that many infer social media marketing and content marketing to be separate, on YouTube they are pretty much the same.

There is not much to distract users from the content on YouTube, and that is a major positive. So if you have chosen not to, or never given it a thought, embed a few videos next time to witness healthy change in user engagement on your blog.

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